Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Episode 4

Rating: 3 out of 5.

We start this episode with Kyle, Sutton and Erika on their way to Teddi’s… retreat? Event? Whatever, on their way to that. Sutton’s little cracks in her interviews are just amazing, but her starting to cry cause she was nervous threw me off. It doesn’t seem like her personality that we’ve seen thus far.

This day of the retreat does look fun though; we start with a boxing class, followed by lunch, then massages… then the cattiness kicks in. Teddi and Dorit banter back and forth as to why Teddi’s words got misunderstood in the last episode by her telling the ladies that they shouldn’t come to the retreat. Teddi – LET IT GO. If they’re there to support you, you should be happy. That’s what friends do – they support one another. So the fact that she is acting so high and mighty is just annoying at this point. Your friends show up, say thank you and move on. I truly don’t understand how or why this is an issue… but that is the theme with these Beverley Hills gals.

The retreat continues with free drinking time. Sutton and Teddi seem to have a genuine moment of squashing issues from the previous episode and Dorit expresses to Erika and Kyle how Teddi offended her and now might head home early. Now, I’m usually not a Dorit fan, but I do agree with her here. If I went out of my way to support a friend and her endeavors and all I get is a “well you don’t have to be here,” I’d be a little annoyed too. I think all Dorit wanted was a thank you from Teddi, and that’s fair. The hour-long mediation class is now happening, where Kyle, Dorit and Erika skip on (I’d rather have a few cocktails than meditate too). Dorit and Kyle have a brief argument about who has more of a life and it really just boils down to them both not wanting to be at the retreat, which Erika amazingly calls out (she is the queen).

Then there’s dinner. Denise has now arrived at the retreat and innocently asks the girls if they’ve had fun today… mistake #1. Kyle proceeds to throw Dorit under the bus about her being late to the retreat due to the fact that she was getting her glam done, which Dorit argues back with she dropped her kids off at school then did not want to sit in traffic so she got other things done (AKA her hair & makeup). Oh, the hard things these women of Beverley Hills have to go through on a daily basis. I truly cannot imagine.

Next scene Lisa Rinna is out with her daughter Amelia getting juice (as one in L.A. does), where they discuss Amelia’s anxiety and her wanting to transfer to USC. Rinna throws in the “I won’t take pictures of you on a rowing machine” comment that just slams Lori Loughlin, which I honestly really appreciated. We can always rely on Rinna for a good call-out. Then several paparazzi appear and Amelia is stressed out that she doesn’t have her sunglasses… as one in L.A. does.

In the next scene we see Garcelle having dinner with her two sons and I have to say, I love Garcelle more and more each episode. Her boys seem polite and well-behaved, which is a nice change from some other Beverley Hills kids we see. Ironically, of her sons proceeds to ask her for “something Gucci” which she replies, “You want something Gucci? You need to get a job.” Then she has them pray together before their meal. Like I said, I just love her more and more each episode.

Now we have Denise and Aaron throwing a backyard BBQ for the girls… and one the nicest BBQs I’ve ever seen at that. Naturally the rest of the Beverley Hills ladies are dressed to the nines (I see your Birkin, Sutton) and we are not short of drama. I truly appreciate Kyle making fun of Dorit’s Instagram posts in her interviews because honestly, it’s just downright funny. The dinner conversation leads to Erika revealing she had a three-some in her younger years which somehow leads Dorit to insinuate that Kyle and Teddi must have hooked up before since they slept in the same bed one night on the group’s trip to France last year. Uh, what? Dorit then blames Kyle for always having Teddi’s back but no one else’s (I guess Dorit forgot about Kyle ending her decade-long friendship with LVP defending Dorit last year). The episode ends with Kyle telling Rinna to f**k off, then we’re hit with a “To Be Continued…”.

Good stuff so far, y’all. Till next week!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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