Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 6

We open this episode with Luann having lunch with her ex Jacques. Who knew they even still talked? Luann seems happy to see him or maybe it’s the fact that she keeps talking about herself and her new show and song? We find out that Jacques has been dabbling with stand up comedy and I’m immediately confused. I didn’t know this guy was funny, maybe because I could never understand what he was saying, I guess we’ll see. 

Then we get to Dorinda who is giving me Sonja and Tinsley vibes as she walks past her old townhouse that she lived in with the late Richard. Dorinda, Sonja, Ramona and Elyse are having lunch at the restaurant Dorinda used to go to weekly with Richard. Ramona notices that Sonja is shaking and asks her why, Sonja says she’s doing a cleanse and hasn’t had solid food in three days. Bless her soul. Nothing like a crash diet after you bust the zipper at your own fashion show I guess. Not much happens at the lunch, Dorinda talks about her nonexistent relationship with Tinsley, again. Dorinda also says she’s a size 6 and a full figured woman, oh please. 

Flash to Tinsley having lunch with her mom, Dale. Why do we care?? The answer is we don’t. I’ve had enough of these sentimental, what’s wrong with us, let’s go back to the old days, conversations between Tinsley and her mom. The one good thing that comes out of the convo is that Tinsley half admits that she only dated Bruce so she could be in Chicago and hoped to run into Scott while she was out with Bruce. Ladies and gentlemen, Tinsley admitted something, groundbreaking. Dale once again asks Tinsley to have a baby, surprise surprise.

Sonja is now having a meeting with her CEO who tells her they made no sales from the fashion show and they go over their past financials that show no profit ever from the company (thank you, shark tank and the profit for my basic understanding of this). Apparently Century 21 is interested in buying some of her collection though. 

Anyways, Leah is talking to her baby daddy about how they should be dating. I still kind of think they should just get back together? I mean they are best friends anyways… 

Finally we’re at this comedy show that Luann is putting on with some podcaster in support of an anti-bullying foundation. Jacques is going to be performing stand up in the show, I can’t wait! Actually, I can, are we supposed to care about his standup? We haven’t seen the guy in years. Leah and Ramona go together to the show and Ramona is actually very thoughtful and gives Leah good advice on how she should deal with her mother who is still not speaking with her. Ramona isn’t so bad sometimes. They’re now at the show waiting for it to begin and Jacques asks both Ramona and Dorinda if they’ve ever been a bully before. Shout out to the producers for the AMAZING compilation of both Ramona and Dorinda being absolute terrors to people throughout the years. First class editing right there. 

Before the show they’re all sitting around the couch and Dorinda asks Luann if she’s had a drink since being off probation which Luann replies no to. I’m sorry, did she not realize we saw her on camera drinking wine last episode at Ramona’s Hamptons house??  Liars gonna lie I guess. Luann proceeds to take a large gulp out of Ramona’s vodka drink. Atta girl. We know she’s not an alcoholic. 

Luann takes the stage and before introducing Jacques proclaims “I never f***** the pirate!” Liars gonna lie. Jacques takes the stage, bless his heart. Can’t understand a word he says, didn’t hear a single laugh but *sigh* he tried. The event gets even more boring. Finally the stand ups are done and Dorinda tells Leah and Tinsley she wants to go to lunch with the two of them and thinks Leah would be a good mediator for them. Tinsley acts like she’s so put off by the idea that they need a mediator and proceeds to throw one of her little fits that doesn’t make sense. Clearly you need a mediator girl. Leah also tells Dorinda she can be intimidating which at first Dorinda disagrees with. As she thinks about it more though, she realizes that poor Tinsley probably is intimidated by her because “Tinsley is intimidated by a butterfly!” Ha ha ha. I must say I completely agree. 

All in all, I thought the episode was pretty uneventful. Hopefully next week we get more drama at this pumpkin farm/winery/hayride extravaganza.


Real Housewives of New York City

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