Vanderpump Rules Recap

Season 8 | Episode 19

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We start off this episode with the Tom’s cleaning the Sur bathroom since they lost the softball game. Sandoval put a toothbrush in his mouth, which I’m assuming was being used to clean, and I seriously almost gagged. Something is wrong with that guy and the amount of attention he needs. 

Right off the bat we get into some pool party drama. Sandoval tells Brittany that he is having a pool party the same day as hers and Jax’s. Of course Brittany gets upset about it, I don’t blame her, that would be super annoying to me too. She goes running home to Jax and the first thing she tells him is about Sandoval’s pool party. Jax reacts like the five year old he is and starts going off and then imitating Sandoval. He then leaves to the gym for the third time that day. 

Flash to Dayna and Brett out to dinner. Max comes up in the convo and they both agree that Max doesn’t have a right to feel a certain way about Dayna or them hanging out. At the end of the date, they make out by the car and it seems like they’re both really into each other. 

Now we’re at TomTom where Lisa meets up with the Tom’s to talk business. They agree to have a one year anniversary party for TomTom and then she asks them if they want to invest in the neighboring restaurant she’s building, The Garden. Since they made a profit on their first year of TomTom she says they can either pocket that income, or they can invest it into The Garden which would then become a part of TomTom. These guys better know how lucky they are to be handed these opportunities. 

Lala and Brittany are hanging out at Britt’s, Lala gets a call from Jax who is still really upset about Sandoval’s pool party. The girls try to calm him down but we all know there’s no reasoning with that guy. Lala calls James to ask if he wants to DJ at their pool party, he says Sandoval already asked him, not surprising given Sandoval and Ariana were his only friends for so long.

Flash to Dayna’s comedy show where a few of them are hanging out, including her two groupies Max and Brett. I actually think Dayna is hilarious and I fully support her. They go somewhere nearby after the show where Scheana meets up with them. Lala brings up that Dayna and Brett made out last night (after their date we saw earlier) and immediately Max gets upset. Scheana decides to involve herself in the convo and keeps saying how wrong Brett is for making out with his friends ex-girl. Is it because she’s jealous of Dayna? Does she actually like Brett? Or Max? Who knows, I just don’t understand why she feels the need to get involved. Max basically forces Brett to say at the table that he has zero feelings for Dayna… right there… in front of everyone. I felt so bad for Dayna. These terrible LA boys, man. In comes Beau, the knight in shining armor who basically tells Max and Brett to stfu without actually saying stfu. 

Now we’re with Ariana, Brittany and Lisa who are folding Lisa’s old clothes for a charity event. The girls start talking about their pool parties and Ariana say’s that Brittany is just collateral damage and it’s really about Jax being an asshole. She also says she doesn’t know how many friends Jax would still have if it weren’t for Brittany being around. Brittany totally disagrees with her and says she thinks Sandoval is the only person that wouldn’t be his friend, Ariana is confused and gives a look like *what planet is she living on*, I laughed. 

We’re finally to the day of the pool party. Katie and Tom are out to lunch when Katie receives a text from Brittany saying Ariana told her it was actually Katie’s idea for them to have a pool party the same day. Katie decides to call Brittany to straighten it out. Brittany answers and says she wasn’t blaming Katie at all, but in true Katie fashion she starts going off, even Tom gets on the phone to defend her, shocker. Brittany also says that Katie is a rage texter so she should understand how Jax is, hilarious because it’s true, she has a good point there. 

People start showing up to Tom and Ariana’s, including Katie and Tom now that she just had a falling out with Brittany. The set up looks really cool with a couple tents and sitting areas, what I would give for their backyard right now. Kristen shows up to their party with Carter in tow, relationship vibes. Ariana asks Kristen and Carter if they’re back together, they just say they’re dating. Whatever I honestly don’t care anymore, we’ll never understand. The Tom’s reminisce about their successful first year in business, James agrees to DJ their anniversary party and even Katie acknowledges that James has shown growth. Then Katie and James awkwardly hug… like I felt very uncomfortable watching them hug.

Basically nobody shows up to Jax and Brittany except Stassi, Beau, Lala, and Brett. They had a huge blowup slide thing going into their pool too, we didn’t even see anyone use it! What a waste. Stassi sits down with Jax to have a heart to heart about how he’s been acting. He admits he’s spiraling and he’s scared he’s going to sabotage his marriage. Nobody is surprised by this, we’ve been watching the spiral since season 1. I guess it’s good he’s acknowledging there’s something wrong with him, just now if he could only try not to be such a sociopath and actually do something about it.

This episode wasn’t actually too bad. I’ve been hesitant with the new people, but thankfully they weren’t forced on us thaaat much this episode. Can’t wait for next week!


Vanderpump Rules

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