Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Episode 5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We start this episode off still at Denise’s bbq and show Kyle telling the girls they’re fake and kissing each other’s asses. Both Rinna and Garcelle speak up and say they disagree with her and Rinna calls out Kyle for not having blind loyalty to her like she claims she has. This pushes Kyle over the edge and she storms off. I really don’t think Kyle can handle it when she feels she people are disagreeing with her and challenging her. It’s not until Kyle leaves that Teddi tries to stick up for her but the girls aren’t having it, I wouldn’t be able to listen to Teddi either. 

Then Erika and Denise are out to coffee. Erika perfectly shades the variety of milk options and goes with heavy cream. I just fell a little more in love with her. Denise brings up how her daughter overheard the threesome comments at the bbq and Erika apologizes about it but is kind of surprised it matters so much to Denise. Denise tries to portray herself as this laidback cool girl and I don’t blame Erika for being confused on why it’s such a big deal. Kyle comes up in their conversation and Erika defends her saying Kyle has a lot going on and felt attacked. They show Denise’s interview and she’s like uhhh we all have a lot going on, no excuse to be an asshole. WHY CAN’T THEY JUST SAY THESE THINGS TO EACH OTHERS FACES? 

Rinna’s daughters have created a clothing line and are having an event for it. Garcelle is unable to join as she’s having a birthday party for her sons with her ex-husband. As they’re getting ready for the birthday party we see Garcelle and her ex getting along and it makes me so happy! She says she had to try really hard to get over the affair so that her kids could be unaffected and that she doesn’t think they know about the affair at all. Mad respect girl, that must have been so hard. 

Before the clothing line event Erika is having the girls over to her studio. Dorit shows up with this ponytail that goes down to the ground and immediately I just think wtf is a rope doing attached to your head? I think it’s awful and it looks so uncomfortable, she is trying waaaay too hard. Then in comes Sutton with some space cadet shoes that the girls are complimenting. Maybe I just have no fashion sense, I just don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. 

Rinna apologizes to Kyle for what happened at the bbq and they seem totally fine now. The other girls are sitting on the couch and Dorit says she has invested in one location of Bucca di Beppo as she knows the owner and I have a sudden craving for italian food. I haven’t been there in so long, I can’t even remember if it’s good but I’ll take a family size bowl of pasta to myself right now. 

They girls make it to Delilah and Amelia’s clothing event. Sutton keeps referencing how she is going to freak out to Dorit. She does it in a quiet, concealed way but we don’t know why she’s going to freak out or what she’s even talking about. She then referenced that the makeup artist is probably going to be there… WHO IS SHE TALKING ABOUT AND WHY?! 

The event is cute but kind of boring. Kyle gives a lame apology to Denise about leaving the bbq like that the other day. It does not seem like these two are friends at all, Denise even calls out her fake apology in her interview. But once again, why didn’t she just say that to Kyle’s face in the moment? Why act fake like you accept and understand her apology?? Maybe Kyle was right to say that this group is a bunch of fake bitches. Rinna says in her interview that her daughters would not be able to have this clothing line if it weren’t for her and her husband being famous basically and I really appreciate the honesty. Thanks for reminding us about the golden spoon being born in their mouths and how I wish so badly I had a trust fund. 

Finally we figure out who Sutton was referring to and why she was going to freak out. Apparently she went into business with Joey who Rinna uses as her makeup artist and is also their mutual friend. Sutton says they invested millions into the glam app (I don’t know what this is) but her and Joey had a falling out. I guess the business survived but they have a bad relationship now. WE NEED MORE INFO! 

After the event the ladies go out to dinner where they acknowledge there’s some tension. Dorit says she was uncomfortable because Sutton kept saying she was going to freak out and she didn’t understand what they meant or what that would look like. Sutton kind of elaborates why she said she was going to freak out, mentions she did not want to see someone and Erika clarifies to Rinna that she is referencing Joey. Rinna says she doesn’t know anything about their issues. Once again Dorit chimes in about how she didn’t like Sutton’s comments and attempts to imitate how Sutton said it at the event. WHICH IS SO NOT HOW IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED DORIT! Doesn’t she know it’s on camera and we’re going to see it? Is her recollection just that bad? Obviously Sutton gets upset because she’s not being portrayed accurately and I really just want Dorit to stfu and let it go. Sutton has tears in her eyes and I’m actually surprised she got emotional so quickly, I thought she would be able to handle herself in a tense situation like this. Sutton snaps at Dorit and inside I am applauding her for putting Dorit in her place. Kyle attempts to change the subject but then Dorit talks once again (please, no) and reminds Kyle of how she called them fake bitches at the bbq. 

Denise chimes in and agrees with Dorit and tries to make Kyle acknowledge her fake ass bitches comment. Cut to Erika’s interview where she says how Denise knew who she was having over at the bbq and if she wants to pretend to be mother of the year, go ahead. DEAD! Denise keeps pushing for Kyle to address what she said and finally Kyle gives in and gives the example (again) of Dorit getting makeup done and putting on workout clothes for a workout she’s not even going to do (remember Teddi’s event?). She also says how last year Denise was so laid back and didn’t wear makeup but now she’s getting glam and having an ice sculpture at her bbq. Denise immediately looks at Rinna to back her up as they have a long friendship and Rinna has been to many of Denise’s party and apparently even rode a camel at one. Denise is like who gives af what I have at my parties or if I get glam. I agree with her, Kyle is using terrible examples. 

Then we see Dorit’s interview where she brings up Kyle’s dear friend Teddi and how on Teddi’s first season she never had glam and had no fashion sense but now she gets glam every day. She calls out Kyle for having a double standard for Teddi. I might not like it but Dorit is right. They even show Andy calling out Teddi at her second reunion for basically being a whole new woman with glam, thank you production for always bringing the shade we need. 

Denise continues to try having a conversation with Kyle but Kyle cuts her off with her invalid argument. Cut to Denise’s interview where she says, and I kid you not, “I’m f****** Denise Richards, I’ve been on every magazine cover these bitches wish they were on.” And you know what, SHE’S RIGHT! Her interviews are gold, I just wish she said it to their faces. Anyways, Denise continues to get frustrated with Kyle and her ignorance and calls out Kyle for not listening and speaking at them, not to them. She even says in her interview that Kyle always needs to be the center of attention. I have always thought this about Kyle but I liked her anyways. However, in this situation I think Kyle is wrong, the ladies points are valid. You can’t just call them fake ass bitches and then have no legitimate argument to back yourself up and have double standards for some of the girls. It just does not make sense! 

We round out this episode by showing future clips of Denise talking to the women about Kyle needing attention and I for one, cannot wait to see this all play out! 


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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