Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 7

This episode opens with more issues between Tinsley and Dorinda. Tinsley is opening up to her boxing coach about the verbal fight she had with Dorinda the night before, while Dorinda is doing the same with Luann and Leah. Dorinda describes Tinsley as a “mint in her mouth… it’s just gone” which is pretty dang funny in itself. Tinsley’s boxing coach tells her to “pretend he’s Dorito” (pronouncing Dorinda’s name wrong), while Tinsley attempts to hit him is just sad and funny all at once. In one of her interviews Ramona claims Dorinda is most likely jealous of Tinsley because Tinsley has always been taken care of and Dorinda’s late husband Richard used to do the name. She continues on saying that since Richard has passed, she has a quote, “lonely life” and wishes her life was more like Tinsley’s. Ouch. Ramona, stop it!!!!

Then we have Luann bringing food over to Leah’s apartment. I was going to say they seem to have a nice friendship forming, but then Luann starts instantly judging her apartment because it’s significantly smaller than hers. At the end of the day, Leah lives downtown in NYC, rent is expensive as hell and she’s not insanely wealthy like the other women. Who cares!! I personally like Leah’s apartment.

Luann continues to share with Leah how she thinks she’ll be ok drinking again since she’s not truly an alcoholic and Leah can relate to Lu here as she stopped drinking for nine years then recently started to again. Leah says she’s been through hell not drinking, like being overmedicated and getting herself into toxic relationships. They both agree that they need to not listen to anyone but themselves when it comes to their drinking.

The next scene Dorinda and Sonia meet up in Central Park and Dorinda admits that she and John have broken up and the other women find out about it via Page Six. Dorinda seems totally fine and that she’s completely outgrown him. Good for her, I love my girl Dorinda and know she’ll find someone that fits her better one day.

The women are now on their way to the orchard in Marlboro, NY, and Ramona’s friend Elyse tags along for some reason. I’m starting to wonder if she’s the new Barbara? The women arrive, grab a glass of wine and sit down for lunch. Elyse instantly asks Dorinda what the deal with John is, and Dorinda explains she’s changed a lot in the past seven years and that actually for the first time ever, she’s able to mourn John. Tinsley instantly chimes in insinuating Dorinda is a hypocrite which Dorinda replies, “my chewing gum lasts longer than your relationships”. Gotta love Dorinda. And for the record, I don’t believe this is Tinsley’s place to chime in and make any sarcastic comments regarding Dorinda and John’s breakup. This is clearly a bigger issue, there’s death and mourning involved and everyone deals with grief differently… so Tinsley. Not the time or the place honey.

Dorinda does go over the top though, by calling Tinsley “invisible”, then dumb, which is just mean and not really called for. I get that Dorinda is probably angry and has a lot of emotions racing at this time, but to take it out on Tinsley and call her names is unnecessary. The fight escalates; Tinsley calls Dorinda a bully, and Dorinda responds with be lidding her. Tinsley walks away crying (sobbing, actually), and I can barely understand her with her high-pitched voice. Luann goes after her, trying to comfort her. Meanwhile, Dorinda lashes out at the other ladies, saying she wanted to die when Richard died. Her whole outburst is incredibly sad, and makes it even more apparent how much she’s truly hurting and Tinsley mistakenly got right in the middle of it.

The girls are now taking a hayride, and Sonia is clearly on her way to being wasted. This is hilarious to me as it was Sonia who at the beginning said she wasn’t “feeling” wine today and wanted to have a “healthy day in the outdoors”. Oh, Sonia. The women are now in the corn maze, which none of them seem too pleased about. Sonia and Leah clearly had to go, because they start peeing right in the middle of the corn maze which mortifies Tinsley and prompts that long, loud scream we’ve been seeing on previews for weeks now.

Towards the end of the orchard trip Dorinda opens up to Ramona again about how bad she feels for hurting John, which Ramona in return actually is a good friend and gives her some solid advice to comfort her. Ramona though, in typical Ramona fashion, bashes Dorinda in her interview saying they’ve all been affected by Dorinda’s pain. Come onnnnnn Ramona.

Flash to the end of the episode, where the women are back wine tasting. Sonia is sloppy at this point, aggressively hitting on the man who is pouring their wine. The conversation leads to sex and sending dick pics, which is why I love the NY real housewives.

Decent episode overall, nothing crazy. We know these women can crank it up a notch. Can’t wait for next week, where it looks like the tension between Ramona and Dorinda heat up!


Real Housewives of New York City

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