The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 1 | Episode 6

We made it to the season finale ladies and gents. The finale 3 couples are in Nashville getting ready to sing in front of their largest audience yet. Instantly I’m caught off guard when Trevor says in his interview that he’s excited to get to know Nashville since Jamie lives there and he’ll be moving there when the show ends. Excuse me, what? I didn’t even know this dude liked Jamie that much, and now he’s talking about moving to Nashville? Wut. Then Chris Harrison appears as Chris Harrison does and tells the three couples that he wants them to spend time working solely on their relationships, resulting in all of them getting one-on-one dates. And of course, in true Bachelor fashion, the end of each date will be equipped with a fantasy suite card. In the Bachelor world, a fantasy suite card basically makes or breaks a couple, as they really have to decide if they not only want to spend the night together, but decide if they can see spending the rest of their lives together (remember, they’ve known each other for about a month at this point). Haaaaaaaaaa.

Jamie and Trevor and Bri and Chris start practicing their songs together and both couples I’ll admit seem pretty solid. Jamie and Trevor are talking about their lives together after all this in Nashville (crazy), and Bri is already saying in her interview how she wants to marry Chris, have a few babies with him then make music together in their future home studio. They are taking things slow as well!

Now onto Matt and Rudi. They clearly are not on the same level as the other two couples, and the way Matt starts their conversation makes me nervous because it really sounds like he’s about to break up with her. Matt tells her as much, that he loves singing with her and yada yada yada but he’s just “not there” and doesn’t want to fake anything. She agrees but is also mad (as she should be) because she never thought they were faking anything and wishes he would have told her all this before they went to Nashville. Selfishly I’m mad because Rudi’s voice is my favorite on this show and she is clearly the most talented. Rudi walks away balling her eyes out and it looks like this couple is done-zo.

Rudi does come out of the bathroom eventually and apologizes to Matt for coming across as mean (she was not mean) and Matt tells her he cares deeply for her but he doesn’t think that they are where he thought they needed to be at this point. Then Rudi and Matt leave and honestly I don’t even want to watch the rest of this episode. If Rudi isn’t singing then this show is not worth watching.

But here I am, still watching. The two couples are definitely shaken up that Matt and Rudi and now gone. Jamie and Trevor have a major heart to heart, and again, I’m just so shocked. Trevor is telling Jamie he’s had issues with heartbreak in the past but he thinks she’s worth taking a chance on. Jamie says she can’t imagine her life without him, and, shocker, they agree to go into the fantasy suite. I’m still very unsure how I feel about Trevor. I was convinced he was such a tool and now he seems somewhat decent. I guess only time will tell.

Now onto Bri and Chris. They are fully saying “I love you” to each other now, but after reading the fantasy suite card Bri tells him she wants to get to know him more emotionally before there’s anything physical. Chris agrees and they decide not to go to the fantasy suite together. I’m surprised by this only because I would think it would be a good opportunity to spend time together off-camera? No?

Now we get a glimpse at Bri and Chris’ rehearsal. They both seem a little off right away, and even the dude in charge of the entire rehearsal can sense that Bri especially is not on her game. We don’t see any of Trevor and Jamie’s rehearsal, probably because everything went smoothly and Bachelor producers know any sense of normalcy does not make good TV.

Now the big finale. The stakes for the last couple standing is a record deal, the chance to record their original music and tour the country performing together. The judges tonight are Taye Diggs, Jewel, Rita Wilson and former bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and her boyfriend Jason Tartick (on Becca’s season of The Bachelorette). Jamie and Trevor go first and I’ll admit, they sound really good together. Trevor’s voice personally does nothing for me, but Jamie’s voice is pretty and they as a couple harmonize well together. The judges overall give them decent enough reviews, but I am not happy with Rita Wilson comparing them to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. That is a crime in itself.

Bri and Chris’ first song is fine. They obviously sound great together but in my opinion it’s a little boring. The second song they pick it up a little bit with Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love”. They end up knocking this song out of the park and even get a standing ovation from the audience. They get great reviews from the judges, and Taye Diggs even says he would pay to see them perform. At this point I’m going to be so mad if Bri and Chris don’t win this thing.

To put a twist on the show, Chris Harrison announces the final rose ceremony will be done live in front of the audience, which I don’t believe has been done before. And thank goodness, Bri and Chris win!! I would have thrown the remote at the TV otherwise (JK I don’t care thaaat much and I like our TV). I’m happy for them but overall the ending is pretty anti-climactic. They celebrate their victory on stage for a whole ten seconds then they jump on their tour bus and the show ends. That’s all folks, and I’m glad I wasted the last six weeks of my life watching this show. (JK, we’re still in quarantine, I was definitely going to watch no matter what).

But there’s good news! Chris and Bri are still together and have an album out now. No idea about Trevor and Jamie or Rudi and Matt. I’m sure I’ll find out in a few days on one of my podcasts I listen to.

Alright y’all, that’s a wrap on the first season of The Bachelor’s Listen To Your Heart. Let’s hope there is not a season 2 and we get back to what the people really want – Bachelor In Paradise.


The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart

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