Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 8

I tell ya, these New York housewives never disappoint. This episode starts with Leah and Luann out to lunch, both sick, which now kind of gives me anxiety with COVID and all. Tinsley shows up, and she’s sick too. STAY HOME PEOPLE!! Anyway, Luann, Leah and Tinsley try to get down to the bottom as to why Dorinda keeps picking on Tinsley, and Leah cuts straight to the point saying Dorinda can’t handle that Tinsley was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and born into a life that Dorinda holds so highly on a pedestal. The scene cuts back and forth to Ramona, Sonia and Dorinda in a private workout class and seeing Sonia workout hungover is the content we always can use. These three ladies agree that Tinsley is not as emotionally stable as she should be for her age, which is hard to disagree with. Dorinda clearly is just annoyed with Tinsley’s existence that this point and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

The next scene we have Dorinda visiting her “life coach”. She’s talking to him about Tinsley, and admits she handled the situation with her poorly. She continues to open up about how hurt she is about everything that’s been going on in her life and I can understand where her anger is coming from. She not only just recently ended her seven year relationship with John, but is realizing her never fully grieved her late husband, Richard. Lots of emotions are being stirred up and any dumb comment from anyone she is going to lash out at.

Here’s where things spice up. Leah plans a “spa day” for the group at a spa in her downtown neighborhood and seeing each woman’s reaction to where the spa is is pure comedy in itself. Ramona even brings her own towels to this spa which is absolutely insane but I don’t expect anything less from Ramona. The spa-capades continue with two guys beating each woman with leaves and all I’m thinking is WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. This is a spa I never want to go to ever but it is incredibly entertaining to watch.

The women are now sitting down for lunch, cuing Leah bringing up how much of a train wreck the orchard trip was the week prior. Ramona tries to tell Dorinda how she always goes below the belt when she attacks people, which Dorinda, without skipping a beat, says that Ramona should know since she does it all the time. Can’t argue with that, Ramona has been AWFUL in the past. Dorinda isn’t hearing anyone out, but her and Tinsley end up saying that they respect each other and won’t judge each other moving forward. It’s definitely not genuine and I know will not last long.

Now we’re at Leah’s apartment. Leah’s sister comes over, which Leah starts to explain “Pita Chip”, a guy she’s currently dating. She tells a story how she sent him a nude photo, which he then proceeded to send to a friend (!) but accidentally texted the picture back to Leah. Leah, just from that story I say ruuuuun! Ya can’t trust this guy.

Now we’re onto Ramona having a few of her friends over, Sonia and Dorinda among the bunch. Sonia reveals that Ramona told her the day before at the spa that she needs to lose 10 pounds which just astounds me. Ramona is so freaking rude and I truly don’t understand how she has any friends when she says crap like this. Ramona’s dinner party instantly goes south when she and Dorinda get into a fight, and although Dorinda’s behavior has been anything but nice as of lately, I truly can’t stand Ramona right now and will take anyone’s side over hers. Dorinda and Sonia start to leave Ramona’s apartment, but Ramona goes after them. Dorinda and Ramona cry, hug it out and all seems well again… for now.

Pretty good episode, but I cannot wait for next week to see Leah go off the deep end. Until then!


Real Housewives of New York City

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