Vanderpump Rules Recap

Secrets Revealed Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The secrets revealed episode basically has the castmates talk about things that happened while filming that didn’t make the cut to the season. They talk to each other on zoom or something about the given situation and then we see the clip of it. Honestly, there wasn’t too much new information but there was some good behind the scenes insight! So, I’m going to recap the top five things I found interesting/worthy of noting. 

Here are the 5 key takeaways from VPR secrets revealed:

  1. It has now been confirmed that Schwartz and Katie do not have sex. We see an interview clip of Schwartz where he says he and Katie have been in the new house for a couple of months but have yet to christen it. At first I thought maybe he means since after their second marriage they have not christened their home, but nope! Later we see an interview with Katie where she says she’s going celibate and that her and Tom like to kick it, laugh, cuddle and kiss. Brooooo is that normal for a married couple?? I have no experience in this situation but I can’t fathom this is common…?
  2. Dayna had a crush on Janet, Scheana’s friend. I only mention this because that is now the THIRD person during this season that Dayna has been interested in. I really like Dayna and I questioned her taste for Brett and Max, and not that we know she liked yet another person, I’m wondering if she was just looking for a storyline? Maybe she just wants to be loved, nothing wrong with that. Time will tell. 
  3. Jax says that if him and Brittany have a baby he can’t be left alone with it. I’m sorry, what?? Brittany acts like he’s a fool for thinking that but we all know how this relationship goes, I really wonder if this will ring true if they do have kids. I feel so sorry for her but not at the same time, she knew what she was getting into. 
  4. While in Vegas Jax and Beau bond over their tattoos of exes. We all remember Jax getting the infamous Stassi tattoo as a symbol of his love for her which is now covered up. Beau says he had a tattoo for an ex from ten years ago that was still visible when him and Stassi first started dating. Beau covered up the tattoo with a blue rose without telling Stassi. Apparently when Stassi’s parents got engaged her mom wanted blue roses from her dad and she took that as a sign her and Beau should be together. Honestly, I believe in shit like that and maybe it is a sing. 
  5. Brittany says that she always get sick after a night of drinking. Not your normal sickness. She said that she will wake up at 7am and throw up every 30 minutes until 10pm. WTF lady maybe you have a problem?! They show her at the doctor and he advises her to stop drinking but according to this season I don’t think that happened? 

Bonus: We see Danica in an interview and her hair is slicked back so tight she looks like a completely different person. She looks horrible, I’m sorry but it’s true. Go see for yourself.


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