Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 9

The majority of the episode is literally Leah acting like the nut job that she is and I am soooo here for it. RHONY has basically become the Leah and friends show because she is so dang entertaining.

To dive a little deeper, this episode the ladies are on a trip to Newport, RI. Before we get into what happened on this trip, we have to get into the backstory as to why some of these events take place. Leah says that her and Pita Chip, the guy she has been seeing, got intimate the other day. By intimate she means heavy petting with clothes on. So, the next day after the petting took place she is supposed to have dinner with him. 3pm rolls around and she hasn’t heard from him. Naturally she decides to unleash her crazy and text him some not so very nice things about him wasting her time and maybe it’s because he likes men. Classic. We’ve all been in this situation before and it sucks so I totally get her urge to go off on him. This has obviously put her in a bad headspace and she’s about to go on an alcohol fueled girls trip with this crew, what could go wrong. 

The ladies all meet outside of Ramona’s UES apartment ready to embark on their getaway. Elyse is also there… like why? Leah tells the girls about her Pita Chip experience and then she asks Ramona if her sister can come along on the trip. The trip that they are already on their way to, a little last minute don’t ya think? Ramona and Sonja immediately say her sister is not allowed, it will change the dynamic. Leah surrenders for now. They get to their hotel/bungalow place called Castle Hill Inn. Maybe it’s because I’m confined to my NYC apartment but this hotel looks beautiful and I am now looking into Newport vacations. 

Leah asks Ramona once again if she can invite her sister and Ramona folds and tells her she can invite her sister to their dinner tomorrow night. Ramona totally has a soft spot for Leah.

The ladies have some time before dinner to settle in, or take a nap a la Dorinda, but it appears Leah has been getting the party started in her room during this time. Was she drinking by herself? Maybe with producers? Where is this footage? The girls are getting together before dinner and it’s clear that Leah is already well on her way to drinking herself into oblivion. 

The ladies arrive to dinner and it’s literally like a wedding reception. String lights lighting the walkway and table, pretty chandeliers hanging above the table, a full service bar, all for these seven ladies! They’re having some drinks before dinner and both Leah and Dorinda proclaim the drinks are too weak and need a couple extra shots. Ramona acts appalled that Leah wants more shots given “she’s a recovering alcoholic.” Tinsley comes to Leah’s defense explaining that Leah is not in fact an alcoholic. Ramona’s verbiage at it’s finest. Leah gets the shots added to her drink, go girl. 

They’re sitting at dinner and this is when things start to get… weird. Leah is f***** up. There’s no other way to put it. She’s dancing around the table, sitting on Sonja’s lap while being groped, making weird noises, caressing the curtains, doing somersaults, the list goes on. While this is all going down, Ramona thinks it’s the perfect time to tell Leah that she’s changed her mind and her sister is no longer invited because she thinks it will change the dynamic of the group. Of course this enrages the already vodka fueled Leah who says her sister is already on the way. By the way, Dorinda and Tinsley are having a heart to heart in the background about god knows what and even Dorinda says she would rather be watching Leah go crazy than have that talk with Tins. Ramona then changes her mind for a third time and tells Leah that her sister can in fact come tomorrow. What a ramonacoaster. 

The next morning comes and you would think Leah would not even want to get out of bed but here she is bright and chipper like she didn’t just consume all of Newport’s vodka the night before. I need her secret!! She even says she woke up feeling great and like she released some energy she needed to get rid of. Leah and Elyse are having a convo and Elyse tries to shame her and make her feel dumb for the night before but Leah defends herself and Dorinda sticks up for her. Veryyyy judgemental of Elyse who we haven’t even seen smile on camera yet. They’re now shopping in town and Elyse once again tries to shame Leah and asks her if she would like it if her daughter acted like that. Nothing good comes from that question and Leah rightfully storms off… to the bar. 

All of the ladies have now shown up at the bar and Dorinda starts going off on Elyse for judging Leah. Ramona chimes in and says that Leah’s behavior reminded her of her traumatic childhood to which Leah starts crying because she feels so guilty. Luann calls Ramona on her bullshit and says she’s using her childhood as an excuse to make Leah feel guilty. 

All of this took place over what seemed like 36 hours so we’re hit with a “To be continued” dun dun dun! 

Until next week!


Real Housewives of New York City TV Show Recaps

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