Vanderpump Rules Recap

Season 8 Episode 22 – Reunion Part 1

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We’ve come to another Vanderpump Rules reunion, although this year is obviously different since this reunion had to be done via Zoom. This is disappointing because usually VPR reunions are truly top-notch content. Although this reunion being done virtually is different and surreal, this cast never fails to disappoint and definitely brings the drama – just virtually this year.

We start with showing everyone getting ready in their respective homes, and I first have to say how I appreciate how everyone gets dressed to the nines at home – except Andy Cohen. He’s in a casual sweater with his quarantine scruff and I am here for it.

Lisa admits that COVID-19 has been really tough on her businesses emotionally and financially and that all of her staff is currently on unemployment. Everyone proceeds makes fun of Jax for stating that this was “his show” on the season finale, which is totally deserved because he’s just the worst. We find out Dayna is now bartending at TomTom in addition to serving at SUR, which is super awkward because that means Max is now her boss. Awwwwkward.  Scheana is dating a hulking Australian guy named Brock and are currently quarantining together. Good for her, I hope he’s normal and we don’t have a repeat of the Rob situation.

It’s funny going back and re-living things that went on early in the season. Quarantine has totally screwed with my sense of time, and the scene of Stassi yelling at Sandoval at TomTom at her book signing seems like 3 seasons ago.

Andy then goes into Max and Dayna’s relationship and Max just looks so dumb. He still tries to deny that he never wanted to be exclusive with Dayna, which then VPR producers proceed to show the exact scene/episode of him telling Dayna that he does indeed want to be exclusive with her… the camera doesn’t lie, man. But then a bomb gets dropped. Max confesses he’s slept with Kristen… twice!!! Stassi calls her out since Kristen is FRIENDS with Dayna, but this should come as no surprise since Kristen has no problem sleeping with her friends’ boyfriends.  James’ reaction is hilarious. I normally don’t care for James much but his laughter and facial expressions to this news makes for great TV. Dayna is definitely upset with Kristen and Kristen, per usual deflects. Again, this should be no surprise to anyone. James goes in on her, which Andy is clearly enjoying. Stassi then destroys Kristin telling her she’s “on brand” for sleeping with her friend’s boyfriend…. And to top that, James LAYS INTO Kristen by saying she only was friends with Dayna because she wanted air time on the show!! Oh man, this is top-notch content and I really appreciate it.

Now we have Charli… she proceeds to rip into Jax with all of the geriatric jokes that exist. I don’t like Charli, but I really don’t like Jax so I do appreciate her jokes and comebacks.

Awhile later we finally get to Schwartz and Katie’s relationship, as we do in every reunion. Andy brings up the night where he was just so awful to Katie, and just re-watching that scene made me cringe all over again. I don’t care if Schwartz was drunk, you do not talk to someone like that, especially when that person is a woman and your wife at that.

Andy now calls Jax out for his comments towards Ariana for being bisexual. Jax tiptoes around his comments like he usually does, but ultimately says he just doesn’t like Ariana and that has nothing to do with her sexual preferences. The conversation leads to Lala and Ariana working out their differences; Lala was upset with Ariana telling her to “toughen up” regarding the loss of her dad. I can’t defend Ariana here, everyone grieves differently, so to judge someone on the way they’re grieving isn’t ok in my opinion. Ariana does apologize to Lala, which she accepts graciously.

Till next week!


Vanderpump Rules

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