Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 10

We start right where we left off last week, with the girls in Rhode Island out at a restaurant questioning how crazy Leah was the night before at Ramona’s house. Leah’s sister finally shows up and meets the rest of the ladies, and everyone is polite but you can tell Ramona is mad that the spotlight is on someone else. Tinsley admits that she’s made out with her sister before to Leah and Leah’s sister, and everyone is a little dumbfounded and confused. Man these NYC housewives are truly the distraction I need for everything that’s going on in the world.

Dorinda then shows up to Luann’s room and she’s clearly wasted. Dorinda admits to Lu that she spoke with John, her now ex, and understandably gets emotional. She’s realizing that after 7 years her and John are no longer together, which of course would be hard on anyone who has a soul. I will say that I love that Luann is drinking again cause she opens up a bottle of white wine for them to share as she consoles Dorinda.

Next the women head to a local Newport restaurant for dinner and Tinsley is mad for some reason because some of them have to use the restroom right away and don’t sit down immediately at their table. Uh… Tinsley who cares? Ramona starts flirting with some gross guy at the bar and he’s giving her lines that any woman who’s not desperate would never go for… but Ramona being Ramona, totally goes for it. The guy proceeds to tell her that he’s from Arkansas, which Ramona mocks… God this woman is rude. I’m so over Ramona!!! Meanwhile, Tinsley is still mad that Ramona and Sonja aren’t sitting at the table with the rest of them, and when she goes to confront them, things go from bad to worse. Sonja completely dismisses Tinsley, and Ramona being… well, Ramona, won’t even look Tinsley in the eye when she asks her to come sit at their table (which Tinsley’s friend owns by the way). I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually get why Tinsley is annoyed now and if I have to take sides here I’m taking Tinsley’s.

Then Leah and her sister go to the bar to chase away the gross guy Ramona is chatting up. When Leah’s sister calls him out for being engaged, he’s so insanely rude to them and leaves. Uh, hello, did you not notice a cameraman or two filming you dude? And you clearly signed a release form to have your face being on camera… yeah, pretty sure your fiancé will not appreciate you flirting with Ramona and Sonja on camera, bro.  Ramona is pissed that they drove him away and proceeds to be such a bitch to Tinsley about their table “not being ready” and then continues to dismiss Leah and her sister and honestly I JUST CAN’T WITH RAMONA. SHE IS THE WORST. By this time you can tell Dorinda, Sonja and Ramona are wasted and things are going to get uggggly. Leah tells Ramona that she should take notes from her sister on how to behave, and this is when all hell breaks loose. Ramona and Sonja call Leah’s sister a “demon”, which Leah then throws a ravioli directly at Ramona which is just incredible in every way. “Sometimes you gotta throw one ravioli” has all of a sudden become my new life motto. Leah and Tinsley somehow start to make out for a second then fall down from being so drunk, and really it’s just the best content we could ask for at a time like this.

The next morning everyone is a little hungover, but Leah is the only one who is showing any remorse for her questionable behavior at breakfast. Ramona and Sonja are being SO JUDGY towards Leah and I just don’t understand how they get off acting this way when the two of them are complete sh**t shows all the time.

The next scene we have Leah meeting up with her parents for lunch. Leah opens up to her parents about how her weekend in Rhode Island went with the ladies and ultimately the 3 of them agree that when Leah starts drinking it leads to a slippery slope. As a viewer I totally agree, but it makes for excellent TV so I’m not complaining.

Now the tea party. Dorinda hosts a tea party sans alcohol for the women and Leah totally takes the high road and apologizes to Ramona for her behavior over the weekend. Ramona gives her another side of guilt but eventually Ramona “forgives” her and says they can “get past this”. On a side note, I’m still confused as to why Elyse is at this tea party though? I still can’t help but think of her as a Barbara 2.0.

We conclude the episode with Dorinda pulling Tinsley aside to confront her about her seeing Scott again. I’m not too sure why Dorinda cares so much, but I think she just wants Tinsley to be honest with the rest of the group. Tinsley admits to everyone that she did see Scott, but insists they are NOT together, and in true Tinsley fashion, starts crying and we’re left on yet another cliff hanger to next week.

Love this group of crazy women. See ya next week!


Real Housewives of New York City

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