Vanderpump Rules Recap

Season 8 | Reunion Part 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Before I go into the reunion I have to acknowledge that today we learned that Stassi and Kristen were both fired from Bravo because of their insensitive, racist comments and actions. As much as this was a shock to learn we were losing two of our OG cast members, I completely agree that Bravo needs to acknowledge their complacency with racism and do some re-evaluation and therefore understand and support their decision to fire Stassi and Kristen. Bravo consistently brings amazing content and the show will continue without them. 

Ok, we’re on reunion part 2!! Scheana looks so hypocritical as she tries to say she was over being nice to new people at Sur and therefore was justified in being mean to Dayna. This makes no sense since she was nice to Charli and of course both of the new boys, Max and Brett. We know her problem with Dayna stems from Dayna getting Max and Bretts attention, I guess we’ll just have to accept the fact that Scheana will never admit this. We also learn that when Scheana and Max were in Palm Springs together (while he was dating Dayna) they made out and she even gave him a bj- but he stopped her before he could finish. I’m not buying it, Beau said it best- nobody stops someone mid bj!!

I never thought I would say this, but the most enjoyable part of this reunion might be seeing James’ glow up. I have not been James’ biggest fan throughout the years (for obvious reasons) but seeing him grow up on our screens and acknowledge his pain and the pain he has caused others tugs at my heartstrings. And maybe it’s partly due to Raquel’s big doe eyes that just gives me the feels. We see a montage of him throughout the season being belligerent, mean to Raquel, and then going to AA and apologizing for his actions. Most of the cast gets emotional during this and I don’t blame them. He has been sober for almost 11 months now (at the time of filming) and back working at Sur. Rooting for you James!

We get a snippet of the infamous Fofty drama but Lala basically says she can’t speak on it and that it was a legal issue. No fun!! We also see a clip of an interview Lala did where she’s talking smack about Scheana. Scheana cries and says that it hurt her feelings so much and rightfully so, Lala had basically been pretending to be her friend if those were her true feelings. Lala gets emotional and says that she thought getting sober would fix her but she realizes that there is so much more she needs to learn and grow from and is working on herself. I always appreciate Lala being willing to accept fault and acknowledge she needs to do better, you go girl.  

Now we have Jax going off on how Sandoval is a fake friend and person and says that he only wanted to go to his wedding to be on camera. Does this guy really think this? Honestly, Sandoval might be the best friend that’s on this show. Jax just sounds dumb, everyone comes to Sandovals defense. The Tom’s also had a fundraiser for their TomTom employees where they made personalized videos for donations and were able to make over $50k, amazing! 

Lastly, we get into the Witches of Weho and it’s so apparent this friendship is done, they don’t even care enough to really fight over it anymore. Katie and Stassi further explain that years of Kristen complaining about Carter and saying she wants to breakup with him yet doing nothing about it was too much. They also explain that Kristen asked them to help her be honest about her relationship but Kristen would only vent to them in private, when she was asked about Carter with other people around she would act like everything was fine. The result was that Katie and Stassi ended up looking like bad friends because Kristn was portraying her relationship to other people one way, and them another way. It makes sense and after years of that I would be over it too. I don’t think I’ll miss the witches together and now that two of them are fired anyways it really doesn’t matter. Kristen also announces she has a new boyfriend and has been quarantining with him, not surprised and I truly hope he’s a good guy and things work out for her.

Apparently we’re getting a reunion part 3… that makes 24 episodes for this season!! 

Until next week!


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