Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Season 12 | Episode 11

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We start this episode with Luann auditioning comedians to add to her new Marry F Kill show. Sonja is also going to be a part of this show but says she doesn’t get paid. What?! I guess Luann pays for half of her hair and make up… so odd. 

Dorinda has a great idea to get the girls to Blood Manor, a haunted house in the city. After they are done with the haunted house they go have drinks. Leah proposes a toast to Tinsley as her and Scott will be getting married and she will be moving to Chicago. The ladies all kind of ignore the huge announcement. Dorinda even continues to slam Tinsley from the other end of the table and says how easy it will be for Tinsley to move since she lives out of a hotel. All of the women are SO RUDE, this is major news and they can’t even act happy for her. At this point I felt bad for Tinsley but maybe the ladies were just in shock and processing the info. 

Sonja is having a meeting with Century 21 as they want to sell her collection in two of their Manhattan stores. She is so cute, she’s trying to act all serious and like a businesswoman but you can clearly tell she is giddy with excitement. I hope this works for her!! 

Ramona drags Sonja and Dorinda to a party planner’s warehouse all the way on Long Island. I really don’t understand why they’re there, she doesn’t like their ideas and they’re just sitting there scarfing down the candy on the table. Ramona also refuses to make this a joint party with Sonja which is so selfish of her. She constantly says this is a party celebrating her with her 60 girlfriends. 60 GIRLFRIENDS! Nobody in their right mind has that many girlfriends, I don’t even think I like that many people. As they’re getting ready to leave the warehouse, the party planner has the ladies take a photo for their social media.. And now we know why Sonja and Dorinda are there. 

Luann and Ramona felt guilty for how they treated Tinsley the other night (as they should!) when she announced the major news in her and Scott’s relationship so they invited her out for drinks. Ramona and Luann are both really sweet to Tinsely and tell her how happy they are for her and that she’s always welcome back. Tinsley goes on to say that Scott is already trying to plan for her closet and bathroom and that’s when Ramona says she knows this relationship is legitimate because getting a room and closet space is more serious than an engagement. This is such a Ramona thought but it might actually be true. 

Sonja, Leah, and Dale are all at Tinsley’s apartment as she’s packing up. It actually is super weird to see her packing her things ready to head out mid-season. Tinsley says she’s changed so much since the time she moved into Sonja’s place and came back to NYC. Dale gives a sweet speech to Sonja about her taking Tinsley in and taking care of her. Tinsley says it’s hard to leave but if she doesn’t live in this moment and take this opportunity she will regret it for the rest of her life. I actually have a lot of hope for her and want her to be happy, I didn’t think I would be rooting for her as much as I am right now. We then see her end of season comments about how she is living in Chicago and her and Scott got engaged, which we of course already knew, but it’s so sweet to see. 

The rest of the season looks crazy and I can’t wait!



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