Vanderpump Rules Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 8 | Episode 24 – Reunion Part 3

It’s the final part to the Vanderpump Rules season 8 reunion and its bittersweet. It’s weird watching this season officially conclude tonight when we know Stassi, Kristen, Brett and Max have been fired from the show due to racially insensitive comments and actions from the past. I could care less about Max and Brett, and although I never liked Kristen and Stassi has always been a little entitled brat, the show will not be same without them, if the show continues at all. Bravo did make the correct decision though, in my opinion, but ultimately it’s disappointing to see VPR fall so far from grace this season. VPR was such an amazing reality TV from day 1; truly top notch. I mean season 1 viewers got a glimpse into Stassi and Jax’s tumultuous relationship, saw how close Stassi and Kristen were, then we find out in the finale that Jax cheated on Stassi TWICE with Kristen… her best friend!? We also get slaps and drinks thrown in faces, and from a reality television perspective, it doesn’t get much better than that. Seasons 1 – 7 were always so good, but season 8 seemed to fall a little flat. Maybe it’s because anyone with a brain knows that none of these people truly work at SUR anymore, they have their paychecks from Bravo and social media brand deals to keep them more than comfortable – and way more comfortable than a waitressing job or bartending check at that. It also could be the new people just didn’t cut it for me. I do really like Dayna, but if I never saw Max, Charli, Brett, Raquel or Danica on my television screen ever again it would be too soon.

Anyway, my rant is over – back to part 3 of the reunion. We start with a compilation of Stassi nagging Beau to propose to her, which he ultimately does. And because of her idiotic remarks we will never see their wedding!

Then we see an overview of how problematic Max and Danica were all season. Lisa does defend Max, saying he puts in many hours and is a great manager and bartender. Lisa can’t say the same for Danica though, and isn’t happy with Danica insinuating that her and Brett fantasize about each other in one of her interviews.

Now we get to Scheana and Brett’s porno-style music video they made in Palm Springs. So awkward. The bottom line is, Brett is such a tool and doesn’t even deserve to be in the same zoom call as Scheana.

Cue the montage of Britany and Jax’s wedding. We see how just awful Jax always is – to his friends, his wife, everyone. I truly don’t know how Britany does it. When Jax starts to explain to Andy how he’s been trying to better himself, Ariana totally cuts in asking Andy to switch to a different subject. Such a savage move and I love it. Ariana proceeds to keep yelling at Jax and its pure comedy. Lala drops a bomb that Randall paid for a top-notch therapist for Jax… a therapist that Jax didn’t show up for. Surprise, surprise. Britany gets upset that everyone is attacking Jax and says she will ultimately always defend him, which is unfortunate that she married someone who will always put her in that situation. Ariana is NOT having it with Jax this reunion, and continues to go in on him (rightfully so).

Andy then brings up Scheana attempting to give Dayna a psychic reading for her birthday. Dayna instantly gets really upset and reveals that doing a psychic reading is too hard for her and since her mom passed 7 years ago, she’s afraid of what the reading will say either way. I feel for her so much and honestly can’t imagine the pain she’s been through over the years. Jax and Ariana tear up as they can fully relate to the pain Dayna has been through. This tough moment seems to bring the group at ease, if only for a minute or two.

It’s nice reliving the scene of James apologizing to Randall again, and I could be wrong but it really does seem like James is on the up and up for real this time. I didn’t think he would ever change, but he seems to truly be sober now and it’s nice seeing him and Lala be friends again.

We close out the reunion with Kristen admitting she really does miss being friends with Stassi and Katie and Tom and Jax both being fine with not really being friends… what a way to end the season and perhaps the whole show at that!

What a ride it’s been, y’all. Let’s see if VPR makes some changes and is renewed for a ninth season. If not, I highly recommend going back and binge watching all the previous seasons, it’s totally worth it.


Vanderpump Rules

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