Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 12

After what seems like forever, RHONY is back, new taglines and all. The episode starts with Leah, Luann and Dorinda in a Halloween costume shop, which Dorinda instantly expresses how annoyed she is with Ramona. Ramona is acting like classic Ramona, per usual, and had Dorinda and Sonja waste three hours of their day helping her set up for a birthday party, which is not surprising in the least. I have to say, it’s so weird seeing the ladies interview confessionals over zoom now… I don’t like it one bit and it’s just another reminder how COVID has ruined all facets of our lives, even our beloved RHONY.

Next scene Ramona is out to dinner with a girlfriend discussing her love life. Ramona admits she wants a “best friend”, in addition to someone who spends the summers in Europe and winters in Aspen. AKA a man who’s very wealthy, and she admits as much as she thinks a “normal” man would be intimidated by her wealth. Oh, Ramona. I will say, at least she doesn’t beat around the bush.

Now we have Sonja and Elaine out to dinner, which Elaine proceeds to slam Ramona, saying Ramona has no need for her anymore since Elaine no longer “has a house and Aspen and no longer can perform plastic surgery on Ramona”. Funny, but this should come as no surprise to anyone who has been friends with Ramona for this long.

We then see a sweet scene of Dorinda and her daughter Hannah getting lunch. Hannah expresses to her mom how she’s a better role model for her now than she’s ever been, now that she’s showing her independence and not dying to be in a relationship. This makes Dorinda tear up, and it’s nice seeing a glimpse of their mother/daughter relationship on camera.

Flash next to Leah, her daughter and Rob, her daughter’s father getting dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. After talking with Rob, Leah realizes that she needs to be kinder to her own mother and needs to give her more credit for all she does in her life.

Now comes the preparations for the huge NYC Halloween party Luann’s friend Evan throws every year. The theme this year is “Voodoo”. The venue looks amazing, definitely a party I would want to attend. And we get an appearance from Jill Zarin! Jill comes and joins Luann and Leah for hair and makeup to get ready for the party, and it’s nice having a blast from the past. Hopefully she’s around for a few more episodes and maybe even stirs the pot somehow? We shall see.

Sonja and Ramona arrive at the party, where Sonja drunkenly expresses to Ramona how mad she is at her and how full of herself she is. Ramona clearly doesn’t care. She is so in love with herself its insane. Ramona and Dorinda get into it a little bit regarding Ramona’s birthday party, but Ramona is so narcissistic I’m really not sure why Dorinda is wasting her breath at this point going round and round in circles with her.

The rest of the ladies show up to the party, and Sonja at this point is clearly hammered. Sonja (very sloppily) tells Leah that she likes her, but is a “weirdo”. Leah takes it great though, and they funny enough seem to turn a new leaf in their friendship.

Luann then is annoyed because Ramona brought a friend to the party who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Lu’s ex-husband Tom. Following? Okay good. I’d be so annoyed by this too, and again it just shows how self-centered Ramona is and clearly does not care about anyone’s feelings but her own.

Then we get to the good stuff. Before dinner starts Dorinda proceeds to make a toast to the entire table by basically just destroying Ramona. A tad immature? Maybe, but its well deserved at this point and makes for great TV. Sonja is SO drunk at this point, incoherent and slurring her words. Leah is right behind her, messing with the octopus in the seafood tower that’s in the center of the table and yelling very loudly. Gotta love the NYC housewives, man.

Overall not the best episode, but I sure am glad to have RHONY back. Can’t wait for next week!


Real Housewives of New York City

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