Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 10 | Episode 9

After a long few weeks, the Beverly Hills ladies are back and so is the pettiness!

The episode starts with Denise and Aaron leaving Kyle’s “barbeque”. Denise very firmly tells Aaron not to say anything since they’re on camera. Hmmm. Rinna goes after them but it’s clear that Denise wants nothing to do with her at the moment and insists they talk privately, and off-camera I’m assuming. Kyle is upset (what else is new) that Aaron got involved with their conversation, which I honestly can’t blame her. Aaron is a weird dude, and he’s showing that side of him more than ever the past few episodes. Although Kyle has been waaaay too over dramatic the past few weeks for my taste, Aaron did need to chill out – you don’t be disrespectful to your wife’s friends, dude.

After Denise and Aaron leave, Rinna instantly heads back to Kyle’s backyard and shares with the women what Denise has just told her (as Rinna does) – that her and Aaron are having a “date night” which, um, includes a steak dinner and a strip club. To each their own, man. This information naturally leads to the rest of the women trash-talking Denise and calling her a hypocrite regarding the whole “threesome gate” that’s been going on. This whole thing is so tired to me. I really don’t think Denise’s concern was unjustified in the least but these women cannot handle anyone that’s not kissing their ass at any point in time and it shows.

Next we briefly see Teddi getting an ultrasound with her whole family around her which is sweet, then Rinna trying on a beautiful gown at Sutton’s store and Dorit working with people on designing her “other closet”. Like, WUT. Dorit legitimately seems worried that this closet will be too small to fit more of her things which blows my mind since this “other closet” is literally bigger than some apartments I’ve lived in. It’s insane how rich these Beverly Hills women are.

The next scene Kim Richards makes an appearance! Kyle and Kim are out for a drive and they seem to be getting along which is a nice change of pace from what we’ve seen in the past. (Cue back to the iconic limo scene from season 1). Kyle accompanies Kim to her plastic surgery appointment in regards to getting her breasts redone and I’m all for it. What are sisters for after all?

Speaking of plastic surgery, Rinna and Erika go in to see a plastic surgeon as well. Erika gets some large vibrator-looking contraption on her stomach, which Rinna then gets on her ass. Not sure what this machine does? Does it make you thinner? Does it make your butt bigger? Rich people, man.

We then see Kim getting ready for her surgery, which she’s clearly in distress. Rightfully so, I mean I don’t think anyone is happy when they know they’re about to be put under. But thankfully Kim’s surgery is successful, which relieves Kyle knowing there isn’t any bad news associated with her sister and she can just be there for her as she wakes up.

FINALLY we get some Garcelle. Give us more Garcelle!! The house she’s been building is really coming along and it looks so pretty on the inside. Garcelle reveals she has a date that upcoming Friday (get it girl), and how important it is to her that she doesn’t introduce anyone to her boys until she feels it’s really serious. We learn Garcelle’s dad walked out on her when she was just three years old and did give Garcelle’s mother a letter he wrote to Garcelle before his passing. That letter though was misplaced (!) so Garcelle never knew how he truly felt about her. So heartbreaking and you really feel for her as she tears up in her interview.

Time for Sutton’s trunk show. As all of the ladies show up Sutton is quick to judge Teddi’s fashion choices, and we learn Dorit is fluent in Italian and actually lived in Italy for several years back in the day – and was engaged to someone else before she met PK!

Things then get ugly when Aaron and Denise show up. It’s instantly awkward when they get around the girls, despite Dorit’s attempt to be nice and greet them. Kyle is made because Aaron is there in general and brings up how upset she is with the way they left her house the other night. Kyle is always mad about something. Erika proceeds to lay into Aaron about the way he spoke to her and the rest of the women at Kyle’s, which Aaron at first seems not to care, but then keeps going in circles arguing with Erika, with Teddi and Kyle chiming in here and there as well. Denise squashes this argument by telling the women to “find something else to fight about” which I love her for. My guess is when you have so much money you simply have nothing better to do but fight about the most mundane stuff ever.

Next week it looks like Camille and Brandi are baaaack! And did I see a glimpse of Adrienne in next week’s previews too? Hopefully things start to get good then.

Until next week!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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