Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 13

Dorinda’s place in the Berkshires is now complete, which she’s now claiming a new chapter in her life has officially started. We then see Elyse at Sonja’s, which they proceed to hash out Sonja’s drunken actions at Lu’s Halloween party the week prior. The conversation leads to both women’s continued frustrations with Ramona, the cherry on top being Ramona massaging Elyse’s husband right in front of her. HOW IS ANYONE STILL FRIENDS WITH THIS B!?!?

Next scene Luann, Leah and Ramona meet up to do some shopping, as these women do. Leah is in struggle city, very hungover from the party the night before. Luann and Ramona are totally fine though, and it’s funny Leah admitting that she’s having a hard time keeping up with this women even though she’s younger than all of them. Ramona wastes no time trash talking Dorinda, claiming Dorinda is just mourning her late husband Richard for the first time and is “jealous” Ramona has so many girlfriends outside of this group. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough every time Ramona says this.

Back at the Berkshires – all of the ladies are starting to show up to Dorinda’s re-done house, and you can already tell the tension between Ramona and Dorinda is going to take over the entire weekend. They seem to be off to a decent enough start though, with Ramona bringing Dorinda “peace flowers”. The peace doesn’t last long though with Elyse’s arrival. Elyse is PISSED and is no longer putting up with Ramona’s selfish antics. Dorinda is definitely instigating the whole situation though – she will not pass up an opportunity for Ramona to get called out.

Although when Elyse tries to express her frustrations with Ramona, Ramona does what she does best – gaslights. In her usual fashion, she tries to flip the entire thing around on Elyse, and does not take any responsibility for her own actions in the least. Ramona takes it one step further though by telling Elyse that she was “disappointed” in Elyse for not “backing her up” at Lu’s Halloween party. Give. Me. A. Break. Ramona is back to her claim that she has “50 best friends”

Things get more chaotic when Luann actually defends Ramona a little bit. Sonja goes as far to say that Luann is “defending the devil” and Dorinda is having ZERO part in any defense of Ramona. But the next second Dorinda and Ramona are pals again and honestly their friendship gives me a little bit of a headache. As Leah said this episode, with friends like Ramona who needs enemies.

The remainder of the episode is not short of Ramona making snide comments about Dorinda in her interviews, including how Dorinda doesn’t know how to “get a man”. We end with Luann blowing up on Sonja when Sonja brings up the possibility of Luann actually paying her to be in Lu’s cabaret show. This ask does NOT go over well with Luann and the argument ends with Sonja crying and more yelling from Luann. Yikes.

To be continued…


Real Housewives of New York City

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