Prague, Czech Republic

A little over 8 (!) years ago I had the privilege of traveling to several different European cities when I graduated from college, with Prague being the first stop. After a long and exhausting trip, finally being there there was so worth it. Prague first of all, is absolutely beautiful. This was my first time in Europe, and I instantly loved the old feel of all the buildings, the narrow cobblestone streets and all of the hidden cafes and bars. It only took but an hour or two for me to find some good Czech beer and try a few staple Czech dishes. To my pleasant surprise, a pint of beer actually cost less than a glass of water – a beer equaling about $1.50 in US dollars!

If you’re in Prague obviously you need to see the Prague castle. This castle is stunning, built in 9th century and is still the official office for the President of the Czech Republic. Also fun fact – according to the Guinness Book of Records, the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world!

Charles Bridge

You can’t go to Prague without checking out the historic Charles bridge. This stunning bridge crosses over the Vltava River and started getting built in 1357! This bridge is not only so nice to look at but is so rich with history you can’t help but be in awe while looking at it and standing on it.

Prague astronomical clock

Walking a few more minutes, you’ll be in Prague’s Old Town Square, where Prague’s medieval astronomical clock hangs. Another fun fact – Prague’s astronomical clock is the world’s oldest clock that is still in operation and the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world.

Speaking of Prague’s Old Town Square… I absolutely loved walking through this area and observing all of the old architectural styles of each building. The main church in the Square, the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn, really stands out and has been in Prague since the 14th century. You really get a feel of the rich history Prague has to offer while you’re in this part of the city, which I really appreciated.

Another day in Prague I ventured out and went on a hike, and what a VIEW I had from the top! Getting out in nature and seeing a different viewpoint of Prague was breathtaking and something I will never forget.

A unique, unmatched experience I had while in the Czech Republic is taking the one hour train ride from Prague to the suburbs of Kutná Hora in the neighborhood of Sedlec to a small, Gothic, medieval chapel… but not just any chapel. The Sedlec Ossuary, more commonly known as the Church of Bones, looks so common on the outside by European standards, but the inside will blow your mind. The Church of Bones consists of over 40,000 real human skeletons all decorated artistically throughout the church. These skeletons are all of people who died from the European plague. If a trip to Sedlec isn’t in the cards for you for awhile, I highly recommend reading the history of how these bodies ended up in the small neighborhood of Sedlec and why – it’s fascinating.

I regret not writing down the names of the bars and restaurants I visited while in Prague, but if I could recommend a place to stay, it would be the Mosaic House, where I did stay for 4 nights. The location is in the heart of Prague, perfect for exploring the city on foot. Although located in a prime neighborhood, it’s also quiet, making it the best of both worlds.

Prague is a city I cannot speak highly enough about and cannot wait to go back one day. Hope you enjoyed reading my insight on this gorgeous city!



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