Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Episode 10

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We start this episode off with Kyle pulling up to Camille’s house. You read that right, Camille’s house. Kyle calls out Camille for talking shit on Twitter but never confronting them or saying anything to them in person. Camille ends up apologizing for what she’s said on Twitter and they agree to move on. 

Now we’re at Rinna and Denise having an awkward lunch, lots of silence in the beginning. Denise calls out Rinna for not having her back in Santa Barbara and Rinna gives it right back to her saying that Denise started talking about her kids first. They both have valid arguments, I’m not sure whose side I’m leaning towards anymore. Denise continues to say she’s not upset over this but Rinna says her energy is not matching her words and I completely agree with that. She is DEFINITELY upset over this situation. Denise starts to get emotional saying she would hope that Rinna has her kids’ backs because she’s done so much to protect them over the years. Rinna is like of course but let’s not forget that her kids watch television and have definitely heard Denise say that Aaron has had a happy ending and about how big his penis is. Valid point, very valid point. 

Kyle is setting up for her iconic white party!! I’m immediately having flashbacks. She is having an auction at the party for children’s hospital as well given that when Mauricio was growing up he had a blood disease and spent a lot of time in the children’s hospital. Awwww!

Now we’re with Garcelle who is at a meeting about a script she is working on. The company she is working with has completely changed her script and she stands up for herself and says that it’s completely different and not what she envisioned. 

It’s the day of the white party!!! Rinna and Erika are in the car with EILEEN! I have honestly missed her, she’s such a nice person. Kyle says this party cost her six figures and then says her goal is to earn $200,000 for charity. If she doesn’t earn that she should have just donated the money she spent on the party to the hospital, very true. Rinna goes up to Camille to say hi and starts off by saying “You are an asshole on Twitter.” Yessssss Rinna, speak the truth! Rinna says she doesn’t want problems with her but Camille says no, we’re not good you just called me an asshole. I don’t get how Camille thinks she’s in the right here, makes no sense to me. 

Garcelle shows up with her beau named Michael and he seems nice, doesn’t say too much. ADRIENNE MALOOF is in the house! Paul is also there and they’re getting along, thank god. Omg Brandi has arrived. Last name not even necessary, everyone knows the Brandi we’re talking about. Aaron and Denise finally arrive and I’m pretty sure he’s wearing the same jacket he’s worn all season. Brandi immediately goes up to Denise and says hi and it all seems normal. 

PK tries to talk to Aaron a little about him getting involved with the women’s drama and Aaron is so cold I can’t take it. Aaron acts like the jerk he is, have we seen him smile yet??? Denise pulls Teddi aside and they start talking but their convo gets cut short when Kyle has Camille say hi to Teddi. Camille tries to make small talk with Teddi about her pregnancy but Teddi shuts her down and says I know you don’t like me, you don’t need to do the pleasantries. Never thought I would say this but You Go Teddi! That’s the type of honesty we need. 

The episode ends with Brandi telling some of the girls that they need to be careful with Denise because she’s not the girl she pretends to be. I can’t wait anymore, I need to know what she’s talking about!!!!

Until next week!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TV Show Recaps

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