Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Season 12 | Episode 14

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This week we pick up right where we left off from the previous episode – Luann completely losing it on Sonja while all the ladies are in The Berkshires.

Luann overhears Ramona telling Dorinda that Sonja did cabaret shows “way before anyone else did” and Lu is NOT having it. Sonja is completely wasted, slurring her words to the point where I don’t even know why Luann is trying to argue with her while she’s in such an inebriated state. At the end of the day, Luann is totally self-absorbed and making THIS big of a deal about paying your friend to be in your cabaret show should not be an issue when you’re making the money that you are. I hate and I mean HATE agreeing with Ramona but she does have a point when she says Luann could easily pay Sonja a grand or two to be in the show.

Then Dorinda goes low, throwing the fact that Luann got arrested and her mug shot in her face. Totally below the belt and true friends don’t throw their past mistakes in each others faces just to belittle them. I normally am a Dorinda stan, but I cannot justify her behavior thus far this season. I know she has to be in a dark place but it makes me sad to see her treat the rest of the women this way.

Anyway, back to the show. Dorinda’s comment leads Luann to walk away crying and thus packing her Jovani bags to leave. Dorinda keeps it coming though, basically shoving Lu out the door and taking credit once again for all-things Jovani.

The next morning Dorinda is clearly regretful with the way she spoke to Lu but I still don’t think she realizes how nasty she was. Lu still ended up leaving Dorinda’s Berkshires home, but when Dorinda calls to apologize, Luann accepts the apology right away and all seems *kind of* okay. What never fails to blow my mind is how these women can have these out of control, nasty arguments and be totally fine the next day. Each episode makes me appreciate my girlfriends more and more.

Luann comes back to Dorinda’s home in The Berkshires and the women are out for a day of shopping on the town. Lu and Sonja make up, Sonja definitely being the bigger person in my opinion. After some cheese tasting and Leah revealing she once peed on a Prince in Spain, the ladies head back to Blue Stone Manor for dinner and drinks.

We then see Ramona having… plumbing issues. She clogged the toilet but is too afraid to tell Dorinda. Leah comes in to help since Ramona doesn’t know how to use a plunger (insert eye roll emoji here) and ends up being so grossed out, rightfully so. Can I just say how much of a great addition Leah has been to this show?

Next we get Lu and Ramona busting out a breathalyzer and see a beautiful meal being planned by a man who’s planned parties for Oprah in the past… no big deal. Elyse reveals that she has an alter-ego when she drinks named Erika, which I’m really hoping we see tonight. Then… Heather Thompson is back! I love seeing old housewives come back, man.

I have to quickly say BARF at Ramona talking about herself when asked about why she doesn’t try online dating. Her answer being “I’m not the normal person. Most people don’t have two residences and have the same social circle I do”. This chick is SO narcissistic is truly drives me insane.

At this point the dinner party is in full swing and the drinks are flowing. Dorinda gives Leah an amazing compliment, telling her how much she respects her which Leah is very honored by. Leah is definitely feeling toasty from the alcohol as this point, as is Elyse, which leads to them sharing a little kiss.

In comes James the bartender, the guy Leah met the night before at the Red Lion Inn, which is where Dorinda apparently worked for 14 years?? Dorinda ends up talking slurring to James for a looong time, to Leah’s dismay, but overall this trip to The Berkshires was not bad considering previous seasons.

Till next week!


Real Housewives of New York City

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