Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Season 10 | Episode 11

Here we go! This episode starts where we left off last week at Kyle’s Black and White Gala. Camille and Denise go nowhere in terms of their conversation with Teddi, which is no surprise. Some people clearly aren’t meant to be friends and they should just leave it at that.

Adrienne and Brandi share a moment together where Brandi apologizes for all of her crude behavior in prior seasons which Adrienne seems to accept. This is nice to see and I will say I have loved seeing some of these RHOBV OGs back on the past few episodes!

To wrap up Kyle’s gala, Brandi drunkenly tells Denise and Aaron she wants to be a “throuple” with them which is just awkward all around. We then see Brandi falling down drunk and that’s that on Kyle’s party. I’m thinking these producers must have REALLY needed the content calling Brandi back, but as usual she does not disappoint and is always at the center of the drama everywhere she goes.

Then we’re at Erika’s Shoe Dazzle launch party. Overall what was shown was pretty uneventful, but the women get excited when Rinna tells them she’s planned a group trip to Rome which I will say I am definitely jealous of. Denise and Erika try to hash out their differences and although Erika seems to accept Denise’s apology, there definitely is still tension in the air between them.

Next Garcelle and Sutton are out to dinner where Garcelle just lays it out there asking how Sutton got so rich. Sutton is taken aback but I love Garcelle’s bluntness and Sutton seems amused by it as well. Maybe this is the start of a friendship we didn’t know we needed?

The next scene I swear I’ve never rolled my eyes so hard. Rinna and her daughter have Kyle’s oldest daughter over (she’s a realtor), to go over all of the things Rinna’s daughter wants in an apartment. All I can say is are. you. kidding. me. All of the amenities this young girl wants is just ridiculous on all levels, but is no surprise when you grow up in Beverly Hills and both of your parents are millionaires.

Now we’re in for the grand finale of the episode. Teddi, Kim and Brandi are at Kyle’s house where Brandi proceeds to tell Teddi all of the supposed terrible things Denise has been saying about her… classic Brandi stirring the pot per usual. But then she drops the bomb that we’ve all been waiting for – that she and Denise allegedly hooked up and that Aaron could never know cause he would be PISSED. I will say it’s very convenient that she’s now spilling all of this not only to Teddi and Kyle but when cameras are around. I’m not sure if I believe her right now but next week it allll seems to go down in Rome! It’s been awhile since I’ve been excited for a Beverly Hills episode.

Till next week!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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