Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Season 12 | Episode 15

Rating: 3 out of 5.

We start off this episode with Luann and Sonja at a shelter/foundation supporting people who are returning to the real world from prison. Luann wants to help support this community and gets emotional as some of the people share their stories. It seemed very genuine and I’m glad she’s taking this as a learning experience and doing something good with it!

Ramona, Mario, and Avery are out to dinner and I have to say, I just don’t care to see them on the screen together. Knowing about the Avery/Leah feud just has me annoyed with the situation. I did notice that Mario had a smudge on his jacket that looked like makeup or something, wondering which one of them rubbed off on him. 

Leah and her sister are at Spa 88, the place the women went to earlier in the season where they got smacked with leaves. Leah starts to share about how she wants to salvage her relationship with their mom but her sister drops a bomb on her. Apparently Leah’s mom told her sister over the phone that she just doesn’t really like Leah that much, that they’re completely different people. This obviously infuriates Leah. I can’t imagine hearing that mom told my own sister that she doesn’t really like me?! She only has two children, literally the only two people in the world that she created, she should probably try her best to like them and at least not share that she doesn’t even if that’s true. Sad. 

Apparently Sonja was in Philadelphia the previous weekend for a speaking engagement, ended up going out ot a gay bar and getting kicked out. This obviously made the news and the women are now more concerned than ever for Sonja. We see her trying to renovate her townhouse that is now resident free. She says the townhouse costs $50k a month to maintain. If I was throwing $50k a month away I would be stressed too!! I feel like now may be the time to sell it as is, why spend the money on the renovations? Is it really going to bring in that much income for her? Guess she thinks so. 

Now we’re at the morning of Ramona’s birthday party. Elyse and Leah are over at Dorinda’s. Leah tells them how Ramona told her to dress conservatively at her birthday party. Of course this upsets Dorinda because she’s just looking for any reason to be mad at Ramona at this point. Dorinda even brings out some lingerie for Leah and tells her to wear that to the party.

The night has arrived! It’s Ramona’s birthday party and she arrives with her sister Tanya. Have we ever met her sister before?! They look so much alike and it’s killing me that I can’t remember if we’ve seen her before. Immediately the producers start counting Ramona’s girlfriends and I hate to break it to you, but there were actually 50 girlfriends there. The party is literally all women and honestly seems kind of boring. There are a couple of good things that come out of it though. 1. Dorinda sits Sonja down and tells her how much she loves her and that she’s there for her no matter what she needs. This causes Sonja to break down, she’s obviously been stressed and not herself lately and really needed someone to reach out to her. This is the Dorinda I love. 2. Leah gets the party going by straddling one of the ladies causing her skirt to ride up and starts dancing and having a great time. This causes both Ramona AND her sister to freak out. Ramona starts frantically looking for a producer threatening to quit the show if they don’t stop this and keeps screaming to shut it down. Her reaction is seriously worse than what Leah was doing and caused a much bigger scene. If she would’ve just ignored it the ladies would’ve stopped eventually. 

So this is the start of the Ramona and Leah feud and it looks like we’ll see it continue to play out next week. Until then!


Real Housewives of New York City TV Show Recaps

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