Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Episode 12

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We start the episode with Rinna, Teddi, and Kyle in the car on the way to the hotel from the airport. Teddi drops the bomb to Rinna that Brandi revealed that her and Denise had sex while she was visiting her on set before. Brandi also says that Denise told her that her husband cannot find out, which makes it 1000000000x worse. Teddi acknowledges that she hasn’t known Brandi very long but that she comes across as someone who says it as it is which us viewers are all very aware of. Ahhhhh who to believe?!

They check into the hotel and the rooms are nice but nearly as huge and luxurious as the ladies are used to. Dorit is getting ready in the room with her glam and is putting pearls along her hairline, uhhhh what’s happening here?! Teddi and Rinna are in the car and continue talking about the Denise/Brandi drama. Teddi says that given Rinna is friends with Denise she kind of has an obligation to tell her or do something with the information while she doesn’t. I don’t know about you but I’m getting some scheming Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy vibes. 

They’re at dinner which seems pretty casual and all I can think about is how badly I want to be in Italy. They have views of the coliseum and I’m having major fomo. The ladies do their thing where they ask a question and everyone around the table has to answer, Kyle reveals some details about losing her virginity which are too funny. Denise and Garcelle have arrived and surprise the ladies by joining them at dinner. The next day they do some sight seeing and then go shopping and spend an obscene amount of money. Must be nice!!

Now we’re at dinner at the hotel and everyone is looking fabulous as always. Sutton starts off by calling out Garcelle for being a little put off by her question the other night at dinner asking how she got her money. Garcelle immediately apologizes and handles it gracefully like the queen she is. Then, Teddi confronts Denise about some horrible things she’s heard that Denise said about her. For example, Brandi told her that Denise thinks Teddi is living in her dad’s shadow. We get a flashback to Brandi spilling all this drama the week before. Denise vehemently denies everything and says she’s never said anything negative about any of them. She also says that her and Brandi aren’t close at all and she’s only talked to her a couple times. Bravo geniously shades Denise and shows a clip of Denise saying she and Brandi are friends. Love itttttt. Dorit tries to play devil’s advocate and asks if it’s possible Brandi is making it up. The women say they don’t think so because it was very clear and detailed the information Brandi gave them. 

Denise continues to deny everything and says nothing ever happened. Rinna sums it up perfectly and says that Denise has changed a lot since last season. Before, she was carefree and open and now she’s extremely consumed and worried about her image. We get some flashbacks of last season where Denise seems so much more carefree to now, where she is tightlipped and doesn’t seem happy. Rinna hit the nail on the head with that one. 

As they’re sitting at the dinner table Teddi keeps hinting to Denise that she knows something about her and it’s really bad and doesn’t want to say it. The ladies are all saying that Teddi should just say it because it’s weird that she’s bringing it up and nobody knows what she talks about. Then Teddi drops the bomb that Brandi said her and Denise had sex. Everyone has the most shocked look on their face, except for the ones which have already heard the “rumor”. Denise automatically denies it and starts to tear up. Then Denise goes off the rails and says “Bravo, bravo, bravo” to stop the taping of the show in hopes this scene will get cut. I FIND THIS FASCINATING THAT BRAVO IS SHOWING HER TRY TO GET THE FOOTAGE CUT. We are witnessing history you guys!!! Denise continues to plead saying this isn’t true and she’s going through so much that doesn’t involve the show. This just makes her seem very private and that she doesn’t want to address anything at all. The women continue to plead with her to use this time to say something and formulate what she wants out there but she doesn’t take the opportunity. Sutton also drops a bomb in her interview that she heard a rumor a few months before that Denise and Brandi slept together but she would never bring it up, especially not at the dinner table. 

We flash to Teddi’s interview where she discusses how Denise always tries to control the narrative and her image. She explains how Denise doesn’t want to share her life and be truthful when in fact, that’s exactly what she signed up to do. We then get a clip from a previous episode of Denise also saying “bravo, bravo” and saying not to air this. Who knew this was going on so much?! For once, I completely agree with Teddi and think that Denise isn’t open to fully doing the show the way it should be done. 

We end the episode with Kyle and Dorit getting in one of their tiffs like they have been all season long. Teddi says that this dinner isn’t going to resolve anything and the women start to say goodnight and head up to their room while some choose to go to the bar instead. We get a peek into next week, the ladies are still in Rome and Denise brings up some more juicy stuff involving Brandi. 

I can’t wait to see what this turns into, it’s getting good!!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TV Show Recaps

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