Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 16

Another wild episode of RHONY is in the books. We start this weeks episode with the morning after Ramona’s birthday party. We’re split with Dorinda and Leah talking about how tacky the decor was then Luann and Ramona discussing how worried they are about Sonja (and Leah’s) drinking. They have a girls trip to Cancun coming up so this should be reeeeal interesting.

All women now are together supporting Luann taking the women from the Fortune Society out on a spa day, which I love that Luann is doing. Leah is not having Ramona ignore her though, so she ends up leaving the group event to not cause a further scene. Unless there is something the cameras didn’t show us, I don’t understand why Ramona is so upset with Leah… for dancing at her birthday party? Get over yourself Ramona.

Sonja then shows Ramona and Dorinda her upcoming Morgan by Sonja Morgan collection, which I have to say looks really nice. Good for you, Sonja. Ramona though, in typical Ramona fashion, drops a bomb that Leah is supposedly bipolar. Whether or not this is true, I just think it’s so inappropriate to discuss someone’s mental health behind their back without the person being there – and on camera nonetheless. But this is Ramona Singer we’re talking about here, so I can’t say I’m surprised. She’s just the worst, man.

The girls are now in Cancun, and I will say I’m jealous. I myself was supposed to be in Cancun a few months ago for one of our best friends wedding, but thanks to the ‘Rona my Cancun vacation was cancelled. Anyway, the ladies’ 12,000 square foot Mexican villa is just gorgeous, and is definitely a place I would like to stay.

Now Ramona’s crocodile tears start coming when she’s talking to Sonja about Leah’s behavior at her birthday party. Sonja is actually agreeing with Ramona though, saying Leah’s behavior at Ramona’s party was embarrassing. I’m not saying it wasn’t, but Sonja, Luann, even Dorinda have acted way worse than Leah did at previous events, but they get a pass? I just don’t like how Ramona is singling Leah out. But, I also am not a fan of Ramona, so maybe I’m being biased. Very possible.

Leah knows that Ramona has been gossiping about her mental health, and Leah reveals that she was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder on her 30th birthday. Leah admits she’s worked really hard to get herself in a good mental place the past several years, but is not on medication for it. She’s disgusted (and rightfully so) that Ramona is discussing her mental health behind her back and it seems as though Dorinda has Leah’s back in this situation.

The rest of the episode is the women getting dressed up and having dinner at their villa. Sonja is WASTED (this seems to be a theme every episode now), and Ramona is avoiding Leah like the plague. When they all finally sit down for dinner though, Sonja’s sloppy self opens up the bag of worms and tells Leah to express to Ramona how she’s feeling. This confrontation though, not surprising, goes nowhere and Ramona ends up storming away like a child because she doesn’t have anything intelligent to say. We’re left with a “To Be Continued…” and next week Ramona’s actions appear to be really nasty to Dorinda. RHONY is getting good again, y’all!

See ya next week!


Real Housewives of New York City

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