Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Season 12 | Episode 17

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We pick right back up at the hotel and thankfully Sonja makes it to bed. Dorinda and Ramona get a little argument and Ramona tells Dorinda she needs to go to AA. Dorinda swears that she’s not drunk (we’ve all been there) and acts like she’s holier than thou. I usually love Dorinda, but this season she is losing it a little bit. I definitely don’t think she’s fully grieved Richard’s passing and now that she’s having issues with John she has to face reality and she’s having a hard time with it. 

Luann attempts to go talk to Ramona and Ramona claims that they are the most normal ones in the group. Uhhhh what? The next morning Dorinda goes into Leah’s room and Leah tries to set her straight about how she misinterpreted Luann’s comments and once again, Dorinda refuses to listen and admit she was wrong. Sonja and Ramona both figure out that the diuretic Sonja is on is what’s causing her to get sloppy drunk. Sonja decides not to take it again, dare I say I might miss sloppy Sonja on this trip.

Today the ladies are going to go ride camels and we get a FABULOUS flashback to Marrakech when Luann almost got flung off the camel. Those were the good ol days! Ramona and Luann are sitting down for breakfast and they start discussing Dorinda and what happened the night before. Ramona looks up anger management and they both think Dorinda has an issue. We get some flashbacks showing Dorinda’s outbursts this season and it just confirms that she is out of her mind this season, it’s actually really sad to watch. Leah and Ramona sit down and Ramona apologizes without really taking accountability for talking about Leah’s mental health. But given that Leah is a queen, she decides to accept her apology and not waste her energy waiting for Ramona to admit she’s wrong. 

The ladies get to Maroma beach to ride camels and I agree, those camels look huge. They all get on their camel except Ramona who decides to walk with them instead. All of a sudden Sonja’s camel starts to go a little wild and she freaks out, she gets off the camel and then Leah decides to just jump off her camel too. She couldn’t even wait for someone to help her off, you go girl. 

They make it to their lunch spot on the beach which is a beautiful set up and the food looks great too. Luann pulls Dorinda aside and immediately Dorinda gets feisty and doesn’t want to talk about her drinking. Dorinda swears that Luann said something that she actually didn’t, we don’t get a flashback from the convo and I wish we did so we could confirm this! Dorinda continues to refuse to take accountability for anything and won’t budge on anything. Luann accepts defeat but you can tell she’s not happy about it. 

They find some men on the beach playing volleyball and of course Luann and Ramona make their way over there. Luann actually plays with them while Ramona is shaking it on the sidelines. These two just constantly crave attention from men, no shame in their game. 

It’s dinner time! They all look great but they definitely don’t have the BH ladies fashion sense. They surprise Sonja saying this is her birthday celebration and you can just tell how happy and grateful she is, it’s so sweet. There’s a really short waiter that serves their drinks from the top of his head, he’s balancing them and it’s honestly amazing. I need to go to that restaurant if I’m ever in Cancun! Ramona and Leah have a little heart to heart at dinner and finally come to the conclusion that they’re very similar and understand each other. 

Dorinda and Luan sneak off to the bathroom to prepare a little surprise for Sonja. Luann comes out of the bathroom with a sombrero on and a karaoke machine and starts singing ‘happy birthday’ to Sonja on her way back to the table. I feel bad because I immediately think to myself how she’s so obsessed with herself and thinks she’s a great singer but I try to tell myself it’s just a nice act for Sonja. It’s really not though. Then Dorinda comes running over wearing a costume with her fake boobs out singing ‘happy birthday’ with sparklers. This is the Dorinda we know and love!  

Leah makes a comment about Ramona’s tight vagina and Ramona freaks out and asks her not to talk about body parts. It’s so hypocritical of Ramona to say that when she’s been known to bring up sex so many times in the past! Gotta give it to production again as they give us flashbacks of Ramona’s many “inappropriate” comments. Leah continues to poke at Ramona with her comments and she can’t help but laugh hysterically about how it bothers Ramona. 

Next week we’ll get even more beautiful Cancun content and it looks like the ladies try to confront Dorinda about her anger issues. Getting juicy!!!


Real Housewives of New York City

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