Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We’re at Karen and Ray’s house and it’s apparent that there’s a little disconnect in their relationship. Ray seems a little standoffish and Karen is definitely bothered by it, which she rightfully should be. Gizelle and Monique are out to lunch trying to work out their relationship and it seems like they’re trying to move forward. Their love for Ashley has bonded them and they’re trying to figure out a way to make Ashley feel better given her struggle with postpartum depression. They discuss all the issues that Ashley endured last year, especially with how Candiace treated her last year. Monique and Candiace are now friends and Gizelle puts it on Monique to talk some sense into Candiace and show her how she was wrong and needs to apologize to Ashley. It blows my mind that Candiace has not apologized to Ashley for the MANY horrible things she said to her and about her and her marriage. 

Gizelle and Monique go on to talk about how Candiace brought Charisse (an old castmate) to the party that we saw last episode. Monique is really hurt that Candiace would bring Charisse given that Charisse has been spreading horrible rumors about her and her family. Monique has every right to be upset, her and Candiace have just recently made up their friendship and then Candiace KNOWINGLY brings a girl to a party who’s been talking smack about her Monique? Friends don’t do that. Monique says she doesn’t want to get into what the rumors actually are because they really effected her and her family, but leave it to Gizelle to say that apparently the rumor was that Monique and her trainer were getting a little too close and would go out to public together and were seen together a lot. This is a rumor that I didn’t see coming, Monique seems like she has the best marriage out of all the women!

Now we’re with Ashley and her new baby Dean who is sooo cute. A lactation specialist comes to help her out as she’s been having trouble breastfeeding. Honestly, I applaud her for being comfortable enough to share this stuff on tv, if it were me I might think it was a little too personal but I appreciate her sharing her story. 

Candiace is out to lunch with our new girl, Wendy. Wendy has quite the resume, she’s a professor and involved in politics and she just had a baby and looks great. I wonder why someone with her credentials would want to be on housewives…? They start to talk about kids and Candiace said she’s nervous because she doesn’t want to make the same parenting mistakes that her mom made on her. I feel like that’s a very common concern for people, at least I know I’ve thought of that before.

Candiace and Karen are out to dinner/drinks when Candiace receives the invite to Ashley’s “coming out” party from Gizelle and Monique. Candiace says she thinks this would be a great opportunity to try and move forward and start fresh with Ashley. That’s great to hear but let’s see how this actually goes. Monique is prepping Ashley for the party and Ashley even says that she would be willing to hear an apology from Candiace, she’s a better person than I am. 

Gizelle is out to lunch with Juan…. You heard that right out to lunch with Juan without Robyn. This better be about him wanting to surprise Robyn with a proposal or something. Juan admits Robyn doesn’t know he’s out to lunch with Gizelle and he goes on to give a little speech about him and Robyn’s relationship and dun dun dun says he’s ready to get MARRIED! Thank the lord he got his shit together. It’s cute how excited both Gizelle and Juan are just talking about him and Robyn’s relationship and getting her a ring. About damn time!!!

Randomly we’re at Candiace’s house and she tells her husband that she just peed on a stick and it came back negative. She admits she was slightly disappointed she wasn’t pregnant and he husband says he’s ready for a baby and is just waiting on her. Candiace admits she’s nervous and doesn’t know if she can even mother something. She admits she envies Ashley for knowing without a doubt she wanted a baby because she struggles with it. This is all making sense now!!! Candiace was so upset with Ashley last season because she was jealous and was dealing with her own insecurities and mommy issues. 

We’re finally at Ashley’s “coming out” party. Gizelle and Monique are early given they’re the hosts and they talk about the shadiness of Candiace befriending Charisse as a way to hurt Monique and you can just already tell something is going to go down between Candiace and Monique soon. All of the ladies arrive, including the new girl Wendy. Ashley tells all the ladies, at the dinner table mind you, that she has a tear in her anus and might need a shot of botox up there. Um… what? I don’t understand what botox will even do for her up there? V confused. 

Ashley asks Monique how the party was last week and Monique says she was dodging a walrus, aka Charisse. Candiace chimes in and says she didn’t know that Monique and Charisse had that much beef. Monique obviously doesn’t believe what Candiace is saying and tells her that they’ll just talk later. I love Monique and how she doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s upset. Everyone starts to get on Candiace about how she hasn’t had her honeymoon, should’ve just taken the money they used for their anniversary party and went on a trip, AND how they still use a condom. Ashley’s face when the ladies start giving Candiace shit about using a condom is priceless, she’s enjoying it a little too much but Candiace deserves it. 

Gizelle takes command of the table and says they want this group to be a sisterhood and that can’t happen with some of the current relationships. She calls out Candiace and Ashley and says they probably should talk, Candiace addresses Ashley and says she would like to have a discussion with Ashley but not at the table. Ashley says that is a good idea, however that can’t take place until Candiaces action start to align with her words because she still says things about her and her marriage. The women start to chime in and say that Candiace needs to apologize and Candiace starts to have a problem with that because she can’t handle being told she’s wrong in any type of way. Candiace starts to lose it, she clearly can’t take accountability and would love if Ashley would just forgive her without her actually putting in any work for her forgiveness. 

Next week we see that Candiace and Ashley actually try to have a conversation and I cannot wait to see how that goes!! We’re getting some real drama y’all!


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