Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 10 | Episode 14

We’re back in Rome for this RHOBV episode and the drama is HIGH. We pick back up right where we left off with the women at dinner confronting Denise about her and Brandi supposedly sleeping together. I am just ASTONISHED that Kyle, out of all people, is saying she doesn’t believe that Brandi would lie. Kyle, do you NOT remember all the stuff that went down a few years ago with Brandi, you and your sister!? I normally love Kyle, but she appears to be such a hypocrite this season and it’s so frustrating.

I am a little confused about what Denise actually said though, because in her confessional she says that she actually said way worse things about Teddi than what Brandi revealed. So she did say bad things about the rest of the women too?? I’m confused. We may never know.

Then Rinna stirs the pot once again by playing the lets-be-honest-lets-have-everyone-share their feelings game. Garcelle reveals to Rinna that she’s confused by her dancing in her bikini Instagram videos and asks if she thinks that had anything to do with her daughter Amelia’s anorexia. Ouch. Rinna denies it though, and the ladies all go back to the hotel and call it a night.

The next day in Rome all the ladies split up. Teddi and Erika go to the spa, Sutton and Garcelle go to mass and Kyle and Dorit go vespa riding, which leaves Rinna and Denise meeting one-on-one. Denise confronts Rinna about how she’s always had her back and Rinna has not – which is true. Rinna starts getting teary-eyed saying how much she doesn’t want to hurt Denise, but I’m not sure I’m buying her tears; she is an actress after all. Despite this, Denise is still gracious towards her though and invites her to church which is something we all can use more of.

Dorit and Kyle go Vespa riding and it’s nice seeing them laughing and getting along. Rinna and Denise join Sutton and Garcelle at mass St. Peter’s, but the line to get in is over 2 hours long. The four women seem to be getting along as well, which we love to see.

Now the ladies are all out to dinner together and Denise has something. to. say!! She finally stood up for herself and called the group mean girls in the process, which I’m not mad at. I do think she should have directed it more at Kyle, Teddi and Rinna though, because I don’t think the entire group is mean, to be fair. Denise proceeds to leave dinner right after her speech, which then we see a producer telling her it’s a bad idea and that she should go back! So she does, and the women seem to appreciate the fact that she does come back. The dinner actually does end well though, with the women laughing and sharing stories about the craziest places they’ve ever had sex. So although the trip seems to end on a positive note, next week looks terrible with Brandi back in the picture. Can Brandi just go away please??

Until next week!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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