Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Season 12 | Episode 18

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Another beautiful day in Cancun! There’s a couple trainers at the house in the morning but Dorinda and Luann are the only ones able to get up and workout. I really don’t know how they do it, I wouldn’t be able to get up either. 

Leah and Sonja are trying to do some work before breakfast but as the other ladies join they say it’s rude that they’re distracted and they can do their work later. This doesn’t go over well with Sonja because she said she’s already late with her invitations and really needs to get them done. Leave it to Dorinda to make it into something bigger and snap at Sonja for trying to work. Luann joins in and agrees with Dorinda that it’s rude so Sonja leaves and Leah closes her laptop. I really don’t understand why they’re so worked up about it. 

Leah and Luann are having a nice walk on the beach when they run into two men. Luann strikes up a conversation and ends up inviting the guys back to the house. I wonder if these guys were planted there to make this Cancun vacation more interesting? Of course when Ramona see’s the guys her eyes light up. The guys are pretty nice so the women invite them to drinks that night at a bar, we’ll see how this goes! 

The ladies are getting ready for their night and they find Dorinda on the toilet because she has diarrhea. Dorinda says she shit on the floor when she went to put her dress on. Let me say that again, she shit on the floor. She doesn’t end up going to dinner with them, it’ll be interesting to see if the mood is lighter without her there. 

They’re out to dinner at this really pretty restaurant and the guys from earlier show up. The ladies get so excited and all of a sudden they’re all so chatty. They seem like they’re all having a great time dancing around, one of the guys tells Ramona he thinks she’s 44 which is a huge compliment given she’s 60!! Then all of sudden Leah is on the other guy’s lap making out like teenagers. I love it! Leah’s man was actually very cute, nothing wrong with a little vacation fling. 

All of a sudden it’s then next morning and Leah says she snuggled with the guy and then kicked him out. I wish we would’ve seen more of the party! Somehow all of the ladies are alive and they head off for their adventure. Luann is showing Dorinda a picture of a guy she’s interested in, Ramona said she already went out with him and so did Tinsley. Where do they find these guys?! 

They arrive at the shaman’s and the women are going to repel into the cenote which is basically a little cave into the water. It looks so fun, this has been on my bucket list forever! Dorinda and Luann are champs repelling, Leah gets a little freaked out at first but then is able to do it. Sonja and Ramona are lame and choose to walk to the water instead. 

The ladies are having lunch now and are all feeling so much better from the night before. They start talking about the shaman and Leah brings up that she has the same stuff that he was burning. She starts talking about her legitimate “witch” from Brooklyn that she sees who helped her heal from her ex boyfriend. Leah says the witch had her put a crystal up her vagina to cleanse herself from her ex-boyfriend’s bad energy. 

All of a sudden Dorinda gets a call from her daughter while at the table which she answers. Instead of doing the polite thing and getting up and walking away from the table to have a conversation, she just talks to her daughter on speaker right there in front of everyone. Given the events that took place earlier this episode, when Dorinda was upset with Sonja and Leah for working at the table, it’s completely hypocritical of her to do the same thing. Sonja calls her out for it and Dorinda gets upset and starts turning into the angry, mean spirited person we’ve gotten to know so well these days. Ramona calls Dorinda out for getting angry which causes Dorinda to get more angry. The other women start echoing Ramona’s thoughts which of course makes Dorinda more mad and she ends up walking away to call her daughter back. Ramona gets really worked up over it and tells Dorinda that they’re trying to help her but she won’t listen. Dorinda is in complete denial and starts mocking Ramona and making fun of her for crying. It’s extremely mean and just plain low. 

We conclude the episode as the women are walking back to the car from lunch ready to head to the hotel. Ramona is still going on about how Dorinda needs help and how nothing about this situation is funny as Dorinda keeps making a joke about all of it. I’m really interested to see how this plays out. I do think there is definitely something going on with Dorinda that is causing her to lash out, I just don’t know if Ramona is the right person to try and open Dorinda’s eyes to her behavior given she’s no angel. We’ll see!


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