Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 3

This week’s episode starts off with a BANG with all the women at dinner to “celebrate Ashley getting out of the house”. I say this with quotes because the whole dinner just turns into everyone trying to get Candaice to apologize to Ashley. Not out the question, since Candaice talked trash about Ashley and her husband all of last season and tweeted some scathing things about Ashley WHILE SHE WAS GIVING BIRTH. I am no fan of Ashley by any means, but come on Candiace, that’s just mean.

Gizelle then brings up Charisse being invited to Candiace’s dinner party, which is definitely a subject Monique wants to confront Candiace about. Candiace admits her and Charisse are in fact “good friends” and Monique is not having it. The dinner ends with Candiace *reluctantly* agreeing that her and Ashley need to work out their differences but need to do so in private – without an audience.

And then OH!! All of a sudden cameras stop rolling but Candiace and Monique’s audio is still on. They are going AT each other, with Candiace asking Monique why she didn’t confront her about Charisse off-camera, then Monique replying, “we are discussing this off-camera!” I am SO intrigued and absolutely love when the “4th wall” comes down on reality TV. Were only 5 minutes into this episode, y’all. Man I love the Potomac women.

Next Ashley and Michael are out shopping for some new clothes for baby Dean. I guess Dean is having a “coming out to the world” party, to which Ashley is having anxiety about other people touching her baby. K. Michael, no surprise is a dick to Ashley and I just don’t know how this woman stands him.

Now Robyn and Gizelle are at Gizelle’s new house that’s currently in the process of getting remodeled. They’re bonding over the fact that old relationships can be rekindled since they both are dating their ex-husbands again. There’s a lot of issues with Gizelle and her ex Jamal though, as her daughters do not want them (which he is their dad, by the way) to get back together – which says a lot in my opinion.

We finally get to see Potomac newcomer Wendy and her family! We learn her and her husband are Nigerian American and they are both Ebo and from the same tribe. Wendy and her mother immigrated to America when she was 5 and this queen has FOUR degrees, including a PhD. Oh and is a professor at Johns Hopkins and is a political commentator. NBD.

Monique is then seen clearly questioning her friendship with Candiace because of the Charisse drama. If Charisse is spreading these vicious rumors about Monique that she’s claiming, then Candiace, I think, should have consulted Monique first before inviting Charisse to her party. But, Candiace is only seeing Monique as fake and is questioning their friendship as well. Yikes.

Gizelle and her family are now on a boat celebrating her birthday. The tension is super weird with their daughters, and it gets worse when Jamal asks Grace, their oldest daughter to open an envelope. In said envelope is a document stating all 3 girls now have a joint ownership of a restaurant called Arizona’s in Atlanta. Excuse me, what? I’m confused. Nice gesture for sure, but Grace is not impressed. She’ll be thankful in a few years when she’s raking in that money from the restaurant instead of working a bunch of different crappy jobs while she’s in college.

Now we have baby Darby’s party. All the women are there and the mood immediately shifts when Candaice arrives. But more weird is Karen still acting like her and Wendy don’t know each other when Wendy has pictures of them together from two years ago. HA. Oh, Karen.

Then in comes Charrisse! Awkward! Then Ashley and Monique attacking Candaice again, leaving everyone right where theu left off from “Ashley’s” dinner. Monique and Candaice are at it again, both calling each other “flip flop” friends which results in Candiace getting up and leaving at leaving baby Darby’s party.

Ashley surprisingly goes after Candiace to see if she’s ok and to talk things out. Things actually end up being ok between them, and they both still agree to fully work out their differences in private at a later time. Back at the party, Gizelle tries to stir up drama by trying to get Monique to confront Charrisse. Oh nooo Gizelle!! Monique is NOT having it though, and promptly gets up and leaves. The episode ends very juicy though, because Charrisse tells Gizelle she has “no idea” why her and Monique don’t speak anymore.

Next week looks intense! Can’t wait!


Real Housewives of Potomac

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