Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Episode 15

The women are back from Rome, and we start the episode with Rinna taking a surfboard workout class with her daughter? Only in LA man.

It looks like it’s approaching Christmas time as Garcelle’s house is cutely decorated as Denise comes over. I really like Garcelle and Denise’s friendship, it seems genuine unlike the other women’s. Denise tells Garcelle that she informed Aaron on all the drama that went down in Italy, and is still sticking to the fact that her and Aaron do not keep secrets from each other and that everything Brandi has said in the past is a lie.

Dorit and Kyle are planning a surprise baby shower for Teddi at the “Capri” room in Bucca di Beppo which she designed. No comment. The room does look pretty though, and Dorit pretty much took over the planning to Kyle’s dismay. Kyle though, in true Kyle fashion, insists that her sister Kim and Brandi should be invited. Kyle really seems to thrive on stirring the pot this season and I’m just not having it. Dorit being the voice of reason (I can’t believe I’m actually saying that), doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Kyle wins out. This is not going to be good…

The next scene Rinna is talking with her daughter Amelia in regards to Amelia’s anxiety and former eating disorder. Rinna asks her straight up if she had any contribution to Amelia’s anorexia in the past which Amelia instantly denies. She’s about ready to move out into her own ($5,700 a month) apartment in Beverly Hills, which is how all of us lived when we were 20!

Now Teddi’s surprise baby shower is upon us. Dorit is dressed head to toe in Versace, it’s so extra but I kind of love it. I can’t believe I’m liking Dorit this season, it’s such a weird 180 from last season. Denise FaceTime’s Dorit though saying she’s sick and won’t make it, which Denise is not mad about. Teddi is definitely surprised but of course is talking crap in her interview saying the shower is really only about Dorit. Some things never change.

While everyone is toasting to Erika’s Broadway role in Chicago, Garcelle totally calls out Rinna for trying to steal Erika’s thunder. Garcelle ends up apologizing to Rinna and the whole thing kind of gets dropped. I feel like there was more to this that got edited out, cause it seemed really intense one minute and then totally fine the next.

Theeeen Brandi shows up. I still cannot believe Kyle is going along with the whole “I’ve never known Brandi to be a liar” bit. COME ON. Kyle is being such a hypocrite this season and it’s really not a good look for her. The rest of Teddi’s friends leave the shower, then instantly Teddi starts telling Brandi how Denise denied all allegations to the rest of the women in Rome. Brandi continues with her story on how her and Denise hooked up on set at Denise’s movie and takes it one step further to show text messages between her and Denise to the other women. It does seem like they did text a lot, so I do think that Denise wasn’t being forthcoming with how good of friends they were to the other women in Rome. Dorit is the only one with Denise’s back though, which I will say it’s nice seeing a loyal friend on this show.

Erika is now off to Broadway! Hopefully when COVID ends she’s still starting in Chicago cause I would love to go see her.

The episode ends with Rinna and Kyle in Kyle’s massive kitchen. Rinna now feels like Denise is manipulating her and doesn’t know what to believe.

I can’t believe next week is the season finale!! I looks like the women are off to NYC to support Erika and more stuff is about to go DOWN with Denise and Brandi. Can’t wait!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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