Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Season 12 | Episode 19

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

This episode starts off with the ladies getting ready for dinner. Ramona thinks it’s a fabulous idea to send a link to an article about anger management to their group task- clearly pointed towards Dorinda. I don’t understand why Ramona would think it’s a good idea to send a passive aggressive text to the group, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Of course Dorinda gets upset and starts sending mean articles and statements that Ramona has said, pretty clever if you ask me. 

Luann pulls Dorinda aside and tries to have a genuine conversation about their argument the other night, where Dorinda went off on Luann for no reason but refuses to acknowledge it. Once again, Dorinda refuses to actually hear what she’s saying and shuts the conversation down. It’s getting really sad to watch, it’s like beating a dead horse. 

They’re sitting down for dinner and Ramona is giving the server a hard time about the wine, typical. They start talking about the text message and Ramona tries to get it through Dorinda’s head but it’s not working, of course. So Ramona decides to let it go. Leave it to Sonja to be the VOICE OF REASON! Sonja clearly understands where Dorinda’s rage is coming from has a way of talking to her that causes Dorinda to listen and agree. And this is why I love Sonja so much, she keeps surprising us. 

We get a glimpse into Leah’s work life and new designs. She discusses some of the success and struggles of the company, it’s really admirable to see how she built this brand and stuck with it. Now we’re with Ramona as she goes to a therapy session. She says she hasn’t been in a while but after leaving Mexico she realized she needed to go back, I don’t blame her! The whole time she just talks about her dating life and wanting a man, it’s exhausting. The therapist is pretty lucky though, he’s getting paid well to just sit there and nod his head. 

Luann is at a rehearsal for her show and Sonja is nowhere to be found. She facetimes her and Sonja says that Luann never told her about the rehearsal. It’s also the day of her Century 21 launch so she’s a little busy. Now we’re with Leah and her mom. Leah confronts her about how her mom told her sister that she doesn’t like Leah. Leah’s mom just laughs and says it’s ridiculous, because it actually is. Everyone has been in that situation where they love someone but don’t like them that day for whatever reason. I’m glad they made up and that Leah feels better, mom drama must be the worst. 

It’s the night of Sonja’s Century 21 event. The dresses actually look really good on the women! Sonja seems so proud of herself in her confessional, we get a little glimpse at her past projects and she really has come a long way. You go girl! She’s giving her thank you speech and Ramona’s phone goes off, surprise surprise. She just seems so happy, I really hope the brand is doing well and she’s making that monaayyy!

Next episode we see John with Dorinda… we know they break up at some point so maybe we’ll start seeing that play out! Until then!


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