Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 4

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Karen is planning a homecoming party for her new house. Apparently it’s her first house party in three years and she’s making a huge deal about. She has a guy there that dressed up like a knight/king and is apparently going to send a video to everyone with him singing their invitation to their party. You can’t understand anything he’s saying at all, very interesting.

Robyn and Wendy are at the park with their sons and their kids are just playing football and hanging out. I definitely see a genuine friendship blooming between these two. Wendy is spilling all kinds of tea about what Candiace has said about the ladies before. Uhhhh, does she know what she’s doing right now?! Why would she be spilling all of this info, I thought her and Candiace were super close?

Ashley meets up with Candiace for lunch. They start talking about their issues and Ashley is just so good at making her point and saying the facts. Candiace actually apologizes for the hurtful things she has said, but she still doesn’t take full accountability. They are able to find some common groud, and the seem like they’re going to be able to move forward.

Now we’re with Monique and her family, she gets a little upset when her husband doesn’t ask her how her day was after she asked him. That’s totally fine and normal for her to get upset about that, but when she has cheating rumors going around it’s not a good look. She also tells him that she wants to go on more dates and be pursued because he hasn’t been doing that for her, which is something everyone has probably desired in a long term relationship. You ask for what you need girl!!

We’re at Gizelle’s house and production does a fabulous job of scanning her home for their furniture… which is tacky to say the least. She’s venting to her friend about how her kids are not excited about her and Jamal being back together, I don’t understand how she doesn’t understand their viewpoint by now. Their concerns are so valid and the kids probably don’t have a lot of memory of them being together so for them this is all new. Her friend explains to her that she needs to lead with love and once her kids see that she’s forgiven him and this is what love is, then they will start to understand. It’s honestly really great advice and I hope it works for her.

It’s the night of Karen and Ray’s party. Everyone looks nice, especially Ashley making a comeback from pregnancy. The party looks beautiful, Karen really tried to outdo herself. Robyn shows up with pizzas in tow, so funny, this is why we love Robyn. Candiace pulls Gizelle aside to apologize for her twitter fingers. Gizelle brings up the other rude things that Candiace has said more recently, Candiace all of a sudden doesn’t know if she actually says those things. Seriously, this girl is so messy and just needs to shut her mouth. She’s always throwing shade at someone and can’t keep up with her own nastiness. Candiace tries to act like the things she said were not malicious, I don’t understand how she can say that with a straight face. Finally, Karen makes a grand entrance to the party, although she’s been there hanging out with everyone all night already. She is wearing this pink pantsuit and pink hat and does a little dance on her way in, I was cringing but also felt like whatever do your thing girl. Only she can act like that is totally normal. The ladies make a good point, why isn’t Ray walking in with her? I thought this party was for the both of them? He’s a good sport about it but the last scene is him leaving the party and heading up the stairs, that’s not good.

Next week the ladies head off to Monique’s lake house which looks fabulous. Candiace also gets a text while at the house with a picture of Michael supposedly at a strip club. Drama is coming!!!!


Real Housewives of Potomac TV Show Recaps

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