Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 10 | Episode 16

We made it to the finale!!

Sutton has offered to put Kyle’s line in her store which is seriously so nice of her because we’ve all seen Kyle’s style. Dorit is planning her housewarming party, her house is amazing. Dorit is trying to explain the Denise/Brandi drama to PK and they get into a little argument because he doesn’t let her finish talking, always interrupts her and I totally feel her on that. So annoying when people do that, let alone your husband.

All the ladies are arriving at Dorit’s housewarming party- which looks fabulous by the way. Garcelle goes to pick up Denise for the party,her calls go to voicemail which is not concerning at first. Shes waiting in the car with Michael and reveals in her interview that she didnt have sex for seven years, SEVEN YEARS, after her divorce. That’s a reborn virgin if there ever was one. She continues calling Denise and the calls go straight to voicemail. It is so incredibly rude of Denise to not say anything to Garcelle, just wasted her time. I would be so pissed if I were Garcelle.

The ladies are sitting down talking and it comes out that Denise was with Camille the night before. Nothing good can come from that. All of a sudden in walks Brandi as Kim’s plus one. We’ve been waiting for this moment. Of course all the ladies sit down and Garcelle confirms with Brandi that they did have sex while she was married. Garcelle then says in her interview that she wishes Denise were there to defend herself and feel vindicated with her truth and that she still chooses to believe Denise because she’s  her friend. I have a feeling that Denise is going to regret how she treated Garcelle because she truly is a great friend to her. 

The party is pretty uneventful so naturally they need to film more to continue the drama. Dorit, Rinna, and Garcelle are out having drinks and they discuss the messages they got from Denise after the housewarming party. Dorit got a super short text while Garcelle got a little explanation with Denise saying she didn’t tell her anything because she didn’t want to make Garcelle lie for her. What a shady person. I thought everyone knew that using a family emergency as an excuse to get out of something when it’s not legitimate is the worst karma?!

They get deeper into Denise’s excuse for not showing up to the party and reveal that Aaron conveniently posted a picture of her in a hospital bed when she had surgery for herhernias. That picture was taken six months ago. It was purely used as a prop to get sympathy. I JUST CAN’T!! Then were told that in the following days Denise sent cease and desist orders to all of the cast and producers. What in the actual fuck is she thinking?!

A couple weeks later Denise is on her way to Rinna’s house. I have to say it’s a really awkward phone call and hug when she arrives. Denise starts by asking Rinna if she knew Brandi was going to be at Dorit’s party, to which she replies no, we have no proof that Rinna knew Brandi was going to be there but my guess is Kyle told her Kim was bringing her. Anyways, Denise admits that there wasn’t a family emergency that night and that she didn’t go because brandi was there. Rinna says she doesnt know what to believe because she saw some text messages that prove Brandi and Denise have a legitimate friendship. Denise continues to refute that idea. Rinna then asks her why she never picked up the phone and called brandi snd confronted her about the rumors, Denise says she didn’t want to engage and handled the matter in a different way. To which Rinna replies with a cease and desist, you wanted the footage taken out. This SHOOK denies she has guilt written all over her face.Denise tries to deflect and says that the information was slanderous so of course she would want a cease and desist. She also says how it turned into a good lesson for her kids, kind of weird but whatever. 

The ladies (minus garcelle and Denise) board a private plane to go watch erika in her chicago show. I’m assuming they love the show as we start to get our closing updates and learn that erika received rave reviews for her performance. Unfortunately it was cut short because of covid. Garcelle and Michael broke up and she’s been active in the BLM movement. Teddi had her baby girl named Dove… and this is literally the only mention of her throughout this recap, that says a lot. Kyle has been enjoying quarantine with her family by doing tik tok dances. Denise went back to work fairly quickly during quarantine and has Aaron stand in for the romantic scenes for health reasons, ha. Rinna is still dancing on instagram and Harry is still a gem. Dorit has been making cute videos with her kids and posting them on instagram.

Honestly this season almost felt like another Lucy the dog season. It was all based around Denise and whether she hooked up with Brandi or not, which she did, let’s be real. I feel like Denise must have been controlling the narrative the entire prior season and it didn’t sit well with the ladies so they came for her this year. This whole season we see the women pleading with Denise to be honest, continue filming and speak her truth. She really let us down and handled it so poorly, she’s not made for this type of environment. I think we need a couple more new cast members next season. Denise is clearly gone and I’m also voting Teddi off the island. 

I can’t wait to see how this all plays out during the reunion. I hope they hold Denise accountable!!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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