Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 20

First I would like to say that it’s come out that Dorinda will not be returning next season and I am DEVASTATED. She has not had a good season this year by any means, but I was convinced she would make a comeback next year. I think think RHONY might be doing a huge overhaul, but I still didn’t want Dorinda to go.

Now onto this episode. It’s Leah’s 15 year anniversary of her brand MTTM, and she is throwing a party to celebrate. It’s looking like Christmas time in NYC and it looks just beautiful.

Luann is now at Ramona’s apartment discussing their girls trip to Mexico and how nothing really got resolved with Dorinda. Dorinda is definitely having issues this season and it doesn’t seem like herself at all. Ramona is upset though upon learning that Elyse is invited to Leah’s party, leading her to tell Luann that she’s not a “girl’s girl” which Luann agrees.

Now we’re at Leah’s party downtown. Dorinda is immediately horrified at the more casual attire of the party-goers and makes it known that she could never live downtown. Ohhh Dorinda. Leah laughs it off though, not expecting anything less from this group of women. Sonja though is loving this party downtown and all the young guys. I love Sonja, man.

Ramona lasts at the party a whole two seconds though when Elyse confronts her. Ramona literally tried to pretend like Elyse wasn’t standing right next to her and when Elyse tries to talk to her, Ramona instantly heads out the steps to leave. Typical Ramona running away from any type of conflict.

Leah’s party is in full swing though and Leah’s mom even makes a speech about how proud she is that her daughter followed her dreams which Leah is really touched by. The rest of the party seems to go off without a hitch, with drinks flowing and the women laughing and having a good time.

Next scene Luann is out at a restaurant and FaceTime’s Ramona asking why she left the night before. Ramona explains that she doesn’t want to be around any “negative energy”. I guess Lu is writing a book which an editor? Publisher? Not sure, but has met up with Lu going over different parts of the book and I have to admit, I’m intrigued. I will definitely be buying this when it comes out.

It’s also Dorinda’s birthday! Her, the RHONY women and some of other Dorinda’s other close friends go out to dinner at the Piano Bar. Her dinner overall isn’t too eventful – except when Luann tells Dorinda to get off her phone. This leads Dorinda to snap at Lu, and Ramona doesn’t make things better by telling her to “chill”. John makes a sweet toast to Dorinda and it’s nice to see them still being so cordial and friendly even after their split. We end the episode with Lu making an awkward 10 minute toast and singing an awful trying-to-be-sexy Marilyn Monroe version of Happy Birthday to Dorinda.

Next week is (sadly) the season finale! Looks like we’re going to be ending the season with Sonja’s holiday drag queen party and Lu’s cabaret show. This should be good!


Real Housewives of New York City

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