Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 5

Another week, another amazing RHOP episode. Seriously, the Beverly Hills women need to take some notes. We start the episode with Candiace house-hunting online, insisting to her husband that they will need more space if they have a baby. Monique invited the group to her and Chris’ lake house the night before at Karen’s housewarming party as well, which Candiace is unsure if she wants to attend.

In between scenes of the women packing, the one that irks me the most is Ashley’s. Ashley needs to bring a nanny along with her because God forbid Michael takes care of their child for three days. Seriously cannot stand the man.

On the two hour car ride, Monique, Karen and Giselle make quite the trio. Giselle is totally freaked out by Monique’s parrot T’Challa, and rightfully so – I would not ride in a car with a bird)

Finally everyone arrives to Monique’s lake house, although some of the women seem less than thrilled to be staying in the woods out in the middle of nowhere. The BEST part of this though is when T’Challa flies off of the top of his cage and attacks Wendy. Wendy’s scream is ME 10000% as I despise birds and I am LIVING for it.

Then, Wendy and Ashley instantly start going at it. Wendy is triggered that Ashley brought her baby on the trip when Wendy was pumping around the clock in order to make sure she was present with the other women over the weekend. I can definitely understand where Wendy is coming from, but the other women are basically telling her to chill since that was Wendy’s third child and this is Ashley’s first.

Candiace then heads over to Monique’s guest house where Giselle and Robyn are staying and apologizes to Giselle about all of the brutal things she said about her on social media. Gisselle accepts her apology and these two seem to be onward and upward… for now.

All the women are having dinner now, where Monique wants to play a game where everyone asks each other deep questions, and each question gets more intense than the next. And, as to be expected, things get awkward right away. First with Giselle asking Candiace if she got a nose job, then Karen asking Giselle what it’s like to be back with an ex that cheated on you (major shade), then Karen confronting Wendy head on about Wendy’s curiosity of Karen and Ray’s sex life. Wendy instantly tells Karen that she’s always dismissive towards her and pretends like she doesn’t know her. Wendy and Karen decide to have dinner together separately to try to get to know each other better, but I have a feeling these two are just not meant to be friends. The end of the episode ends with a to be continued with Wendy and Ashley screaming at each other again. Man I love this show.

Next week looks OUT OF CONTROL and it wouldn’t be a true Potomac season if Ashley’s husband Michael wasn’t in the center of the drama one way or another. Can’t wait until next week!


Real Housewives of Potomac

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