Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Reunion Part 1

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I have to say at first glance, I’m not very impressed with their looks for the reunion. Then again, I have to remember they’re at home and it’s not the same, but I would still think they would give us better than this. 

We get a look at Garcelle’s life first and get a glimpse of her on WWHL where she says Kyle was the least welcoming housewife. Garcelle says that at the time she drank too much and just couldn’t remember anyone else’s name, ha! The ladies start to discuss Kyle’s habit of interrupting people while they’re talking and I for one am really glad that we’re starting this reunion going after Kyle. Kyle then claims that Garcelle never paid her donation to children’s hospital from her charity event which Garcelle says is a lie but also says well then something probably went wrong. Garcelle goes on to say that she is proud to be the first black BH housewife which starts a really great conversation about BLM. I’m really glad these topics/issues are being addressed on screen with everyone. 

Now we take a look at Sutton who is really growing on me. Dorit apologizes to Sutton for blowing up the situation and calling her out at the dinner table at the event at Beauty & Essex. Sutton lets her have it and stands up for herself, you go girl. The women continue to rave about the gift bag and rain boots that Sutton gave them. She’s a true southern belle with great social graces as Erika says. 

It’s Denise’s turn!! The producers do a great job showing clips from the season of her totally contradicting herself. Denise asks the ladies when was the last time we talked about sex? And the ladies go in on her with all the facts and clips throughout the season. Erika goes off on Denise for trying to make her look like an asshole regarding the sex talk at Denise’s bbq. Rinna will not let anything go either, she keeps making comments and going off on everything Denise says. It also comes out that Denise liked a tweet that claimed Rinna was a racist and should be fired. The women continue to call out Denise for picking and choosing what her kids hear from the show, that her kids only hear the bad things about the other women and not the things Denise puts out there. I honestly don’t really understand what the huge fuss is about, it really just seems like stupid drama to me. 

I am really disappointed in this first reunion episode, nothing really happened. I have to remember that nothing really happened the whole season though, ugh. Next week we’ll get more into the drama. I hope we find some other things to talk about other than Denise… but then again that was what the entire season was about.

Part two here we come!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TV Show Recaps

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