Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Season 12 | Episode 21

It’s a sad day now that we’ve come to the season 12 finale. Christmas time is in full swing in NYC and each of the ladies have their own events going on. Dorinda had a successful surgery on her hand, Sonja is in the middle of throwing a huge drag queen party, and Luann is meeting with a producer about a new single she wants to record called Viva La Diva. So fitting for her. Just watching Luann “sing” in the studio is amusing in itself, but hey, all power to her.

Dorinda is renovating one of her apartments again and I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful once it’s done. I can’t express how sad I am that Dorinda won’t be returning next season. End of an RHONY era for sure.

Next we see Sonja and Ramona at Sonja’s townhouse that she’s finally getting ready to put on the market. The visit ends with Ramona weirdly taking seductive pictures on the carpet and I’m just going to leave it at that.

Leah, her daughter and her mom are then decorating ginger bread houses (very festive of them). Leah and her relationship with her mom always seems to be in progress, but in this moment they seem to be in a good place which is all Leah can ask for.

On to Luann’s new cabaret show, “Marry, F, Kill”. I think the rest of the ladies have had enough cabaret for the rest of their lives, but Leah is a newbie so she’s all for it. The audience is really small in this show, making it seem more intimate. What we see overall in the show isn’t very exciting, but Sonja makes a great addition per usual and Leah is being a very supportive friend. This season I will say Leah and Sonja is the friendship we didn’t we needed, and I love seeing Leah supporting Sonja with her wanting to get in better shape and take charge of her health.

Finally, Sonja’s drag queen bingo party! Leave it to Sonja to throw the most outrageous gatherings. The party is festive, beautiful decorated and the appetizers and drinks are flowwwwing. Ramona brings a “guy friend” Ron, which Sonja supposedly made out with six years ago but she doesn’t remember. Gotta love Sonja, man. Ron seems to get around, as Leah know who he is as well as he’s hooked up with one of her friends too. This Ron guy seems sleazy AF, openly hitting on Leah and suggesting they be friends with benefits, to Leah’s disgust.

Before bingo starts, Sonja makes a speech, which she takes the opportunity to call Ramona out for bringing her straight, “boring friend” to a gay party. I live for any opportunity Ramona is called out though, this self-absorbed woman needs it. Next, as we’d expect, Luann is giving the party-goes a sample of her new song, Viva La Diva. The performance starts awkward to say the least, as Lu is singing over the track that’s already playing. Fortunately she has supportive friends and everyone starts dancing and singing along, which of course lifts her spirits.

As the episode ends and we get a final recap of what’s been going on with the women since the show aired, we learn Luann has been focusing on her memoir in quarantine and sold her house in Upstate NY, Dorinda is also releasing a book titled, “Making it Nice, Making it Through”. (Ash, we’ll have to recap this book on here). Leah has since quit drinking, which has strengthened her relationship with her mother and I love hearing that. Sonja unfortunately had no bidders on her townhouse, which resulted in her taking it off the market. Sonja did have a facelift done after filming ended though, and I will say she looks great! And Ramona has since moved into a new building on a higher floor, which I could careless about.

Just when I think the episode is about to end, sh*t hits the FAN, and it reminds me of the old RHONY I originally fell in love with. Leah thanks all the women for having an open heart with her and is thankful that Tinsley introduced her to them, and just when it seems all the ladies are having a nice moment together, Dorinda FLIPS OUT. Leah’s comment does NOT fly with Dorinda, which we then see the “fourth wall” come down (which I LOVE seeing on reality TV). Dorinda then says “f**k you” to Leah and that Tinsley almost “ruined their show” and “breached her contract”. My jaw is on the floor at this point and Leah is on the verge of tears not understanding why Dorinda is freaking out. Dorinda is clearly still triggered by Tinsley, calling her a bitch to Sonja. WOW. I miss the NY women already.

Next week though we FINALLY have the first part an in-person reunion, thank God – I can’t handle anymore of these zoom reunions. Tinsley is back, all the women + Andy are sitting six feet apart, and it looks GOOD, y’all. Can’t wait until next week!


Real Housewives of New York City

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