Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 6

Coming back from last week’s to be continued, we pick up right where we left off with Wendy and Ashley going HAM on each other at dinner at Monique’s lake house. Their argument quickly turned from Wendy being upset about Ashley bringing her baby on their girls trip to then Wendy calling Ashley a fake bitch and then telling Ashley to address her as Dr. Wendy. This full on made me laugh out loud, and Candiace cutting in trying to break up their argument was the cherry on top of this dysfunctional sundae.

Monique is not having Wendy’s energy at all, saying in her confessional that they already have one Candiace who can’t control their mouth and don’t need two of that in the group. I personally think, so far though, that Wendy makes a great addition to this Potomac group and I am here for aaaall of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the pancake breakfast which turned into a competition of Gizelle’s pancakes vs. Monique’s. Although Monique’s won the more aesthetically pleasing category, Gizelle’s won the taste category which is all that matters when it comes to pancakes. Even so, Monique gets more points overall, meaning she takes the Pancake Queen title. Candiace throws major shade to Monique in her confessional saying this contest was a metaphor for both of the women’s personalities as well. Yikesssss.

Next Gizelle and Wendy are on a walk together one-on-one. Gizelle, in true Gizelle fashion, lets Wendy know that she thinks her anger towards Ashley was a little misconstrued and she really should be frustrated with Karen, considering Karen hasn’t had the nicest things to say about her in the past. Here we go, a Wendy vs. Karen battle is inevitable at this point.

Looks like today is going to be nature day for the women, which Gizelle especially is less than pleased with. Most of these women do not seem like the nature type at all, and watching them try to bait a hook is so freaking funny I love it.

As some of the women are fishing, Ashley and Wendy seem to make progress, both of them apologizing to each other for their blowout the night before. I appreciate both of them being honest with each other about each of their struggles of having new babies, how they feel like they’ve lost themselves in the process and how they can overcome it. Again, take notes Beverly Hills, it’s so nice to see REAL people having REAL conversations on a reality show.

The women are starting to go stir crazy up in the woods with no cell service, when Gizelle suggests they should have a mini pageant, Candiace (who was Miss United States in 2013) vs. Ashley (who was Miss DC in 2011). This “pageant” ends up being hilarious, equipped with shady questions from Gizelle and Ashley twerking for her talent. The “Lady of the Lake” title is crowned to Candiace and again, this is one of many reasons why RHOP is arguably the best of the Housewives franchises.

Then… shiz gets REAL y’all. Candiace gets a crazy text from a good friend saying Michael Darby was spotted at a strip club the night before. To put a few more nails in the coffin, this friend of Candiace’s claims that Michael invited several strippers back up to his hotel room and was allegedly saying he has a wife AND a boyfriend. Oh no oh no oh no. Not only do I feel for Ashley in this moment, but Lord knows Candiace should not be involved in any more of the Darby’s business… but she already is.

The episode ends with all of the women out to dinner and we get hit with another to be continued. It looks like Candiace is going to reveal to Ashley the text she received and I’m already cringing just thinking about how this conversation is going to end up.

Next week looks good, per usual – the husbands come up to join the ladies at the lake and it looks like Candiace and Monique finally confront each other about their issues. Can’t wait!


Real Housewives of Potomac

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