Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Reunion Part 2

Part two, let’s go!! This episode starts with the discussion about Kyle and Teddi’s friendship. Kyle naturally starts out with an excuse, says she was traveling so much from New York for her fashion line and just felt she was attacked and lost it. Dorit continues with addressing Kyle’s friendship with Teddi and calls her out for not being able to admit that she treats Teddi differently. FINALLY Kyle admits that she’s closer with Teddi because they have more in common and she’s a better friend to her. It’s about time girl. 

We’re talking about Kyle’s fashion show and Dorit’s criticism. I actually find it hilarious when we see Dorit talking about Kyle’s fashion show and how unprepared she was. What Dorit said was pretty mean about Kyle’s business, but Kyle kind of deserved it. I would hate to see this friendship be over, they’re hilarious together. 

Andy brings up the ragamuffin comment Kyle made about Denise and Denise clearly doesn’t care what Kyle thinks. She even says she had a thought about trying to brand it and it might actually be a good idea for her. 

Now we’re starting to talk about Amelia and her anxiety. It’s really quite sad but I’m happy she’s doing better. We see Garcelle’s comment about how Rinna’s dancing might have affected her daughter, Teddi chimes in and says it was rude and shouldn’t have been taken lightly and Garcelle pretty much ignores her comment and I’m so here for it!! Andy addresses Rinna’s need for attention and stealing the spotlight and Rinna totally owns it, can’t fault her for that but it is getting kind of annoying. 

Teddi’s new baby girl has to have neurosurgery in a couple of weeks to repair something and I feel bad because I had no idea anything was even wrong. They show her in the ultrasound room with her kids and it’s so sweet. When we look back on the season I do realize that Teddi was a trooper throughout the season, she does deserve some credit. We also learn that during quarantine her daughter’s finger got sliced off by the front door slamming shut on it but has had surgery and it’s fixed. Poor girl, her kids are having all kinds of issues. 

Andy has finally brought up Brandi, that part we’ve all been waiting for! …. Or have we? We see Brandi telling the women the story once again. Denise says that she only responded to like one text for every ten that she received. We see a clip from Bravocon where Denise calls Brandi a friend and Andy calls her out and asks what has changed? Why was Brandi a friend then and not now, what changed? All the ladies start asking where Brandi is, Andy says that she’s already said enough and there’s no point in bringing her on the show, they already know enough. Once again, Denise refuses to say who Brandi claims to have also slept with in this group. 

The ladies try to get Denise to cop to anything but she just keeps getting caught in lies. Teddi confronts her about the terrible things Denise said about her and Denise said that everything was shown on the show, but we literally see Denise’s confessional where she says she said worse things about Teddi. She just keeps getting caught in lies, it’s making her look bad. I will say I do feel bad for Denise and how she became the punching bag of the entire season, the ladies look pathetic going after her but she’s so messy about it!

We have one more reunion episode left, can’t wait to see how this will all end. It came out today that Denise is not returning next season, surprise surprise. I’m hoping she leaves it all out on the table then. 


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TV Show Recaps

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