Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 12 | Reunion Part 1

Crazy to think that the RHONY reunion is finally upon us. I will say though I could not be more thankful this reunion is IN PERSON! I couldn’t handle another zoom reunion and I will never, ever take an in person reunion for granted again.

All of the ladies look gorgeous and it’s still surreal seeing the reunion start with the ladies getting temperature checks and wearing masks. And Tinsley is back! I give her props for actually attending the reunion, since she had to know Dorinda would come for her hard.

The reunion starts with Ramona in the hot seat. Leah had a problem with her gallivanting around in Florida during quarantine while NYC was getting hit hard with COVID, which Ramona in true Ramona fashion deflects and always tries to make herself either the victim, or trying to look good, but never owning up to anything. Dorinda then brings up the fact that Ramona attended a large party that Donald Trump Jr. hosted in the middle of quarantine, but again, Ramona does not take any responsibility for her actions and basically yells saying she did nothing wrong because she “doesn’t have the virus”. I CAN’T WITH THIS WOMAN.

All of the women have really nice things to say about newbie Leah and I have to agree, I just loved seeing her on the show this season and I will be crushed if she does not return. Leah shares her story on how she got her butterfly wings tattoo which is hilarious and makes me appreciate how real she is.

Andy then addresses drinking as a whole to the women, which they all admit they have reeled it in since filming stopped and the pandemic started. Dorinda gets confronted about how angry and defensive she gets when she’s drinking, but she doesn’t really answer the question… instead, she just tries to say how terrible a friend Ramona is by using her drinking against her. I don’t disagree with Dorinda, but it’s very obvious the subject in general is uncomfortable to her. Sonja, on the other hand, takes full responsibility for her sloppiness throughout this season, admitting her behavior is not what she wants her younger viewers to be seen as acceptable. I can appreciate Sonja just owning up to her actions, unlike, *cough* RAMONA.

After we get a little recap on Tinsley’s current life (thank goodness her and Scott are still together and engaged), the Dorinda vs. Tinsley match is just beginning. I will say I respect Tinsley for being honest about quitting the show and owning up to the fact that her staying on the show could have been toxic to her and Scott’s relationship so that yes, she chose him over the show. All power to ya, girl. Even Ramona and Luann admit they would have done the same thing if they were in her shoes.

Dorinda half-asses apologizes to Tinsley about the awful turkey baster comment she made to Tinsley, but it is not genuine at all. Even Andy says how mean he thought it was. But through all this, Tinsley drops a BOMB. I guess last season Scott loaned John (Dorinda’s ex) some money which Tinsley claims this had to have led Dorinda to be subconsciously angry at her. WHAAAAT! THEN, we see some unseen footage of Dorinda yelling at John over the phone in Miami from season 11 telling him to not talk to Scott! Oh man!

I hope we get more answers on this whole situation on part 2 of the reunion next week. Can’t wait!


Real Housewives of New York City

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