Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 7

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We’re picking right back up where we left off! Gizelle tells Ashley and Candiace that she needs to see them later, to drop the bomb that is Michael at strip clubs claiming he has a boyfriend and a wife. For once Gizelle says that nobody else needs to be involved with this and wants to speak to them privately. She’s growing up! 

Gizelle and Candiace finally get a chance to talk to Ashley and Candiace basically just hands over her phone for Ashley to read it herself. Ashley reads it over and is cool as a cucumber, I don’t know how she does it! She thanks the ladies for telling her and keeping the information private. Ashley then drops the bomb that there was an incident during her pregnancy when Michael came home smelling like perfume and it turned out he was at the strip club. Once she spoke to him about it, he didn’t go again while she was pregnant. She also says that she reads his texts, emails, and even sniffs her underwear. Wait… what? I didn’t realize that was a thing, is it just me?! In Candiace’s interview she says that Ashley is reacting so well to the information so maybe she’s used to dealing with stuff like this? She kind of has a point. 

Some of the ladies head to bed after sitting by the bonfire, Wendy, Karen, Candiace and monique stay up hanging out. And Karen is throwing back the shots. She starts talking drunkenly about her marriage and their financial issues. I’ve never seen her get on this level before, she should keep this up. 

The next morning Monique confronts Candiace and Ashley for having a private conversation last night and not hanging out with the other girls by the bonfire. Ashley just comes right out and says what was going on. This triggers something in a Monique, she’s had it with the same old story and people talking about other people’s marriages. I get where she’s coming from since she just had something similar happen with hers but if Ashley is happy that she was told the information, who cares? 

The guys start arriving because it’s also Monique’s birthday weekend. I automatically get good vibes from Wendy’s husband, Eddie. Monique goes off on Candiace once again for not being considerate and hanging by the firepit the night before like she had planned. I am totally a Monique stan, but she is wrong in this fight. I actually think Candiace and Gizelle did the right thing by pulling Ashley away from the group, Monique just doesn’t like Candiace right now so anything she does she’s going to get mad at. 

The ladies start asking Wendy and Eddie about their relationship and how they met, etc. It comes out that their parents don’t get along and Eddie’s mom didn’t even go to their wedding. Apparently their mother’s relationship started out with bickering and it just got worse from there, all the way to the point that his parents were telling their friends not to go to their wedding. I cannot imagine being in a place where my parents feel they can say something like that about the person I want to marry. That’s so horrible. Eddie’s parents don’t even really know their children, how sad. 

Everyone has gone back home from the lake house. It seemed like they had a better time when the husbands were there, like there was more to do/entertainment. Next time I think Monique should plan some more outings for them, if there’s even anything to do nearby. 

Now we’re back with Ashley who calls Michael from the car, she’s clearly been back in town for a couple days so we don’t actually see what went down when she confronted him. She says that they had a conversation and Michael admitted he was at the strip club and one girl was being a little handsy with him and that he does feel bad about what happened. She also says their talk got a little heated and he slept in Dean’s room while she slept in the bedroom. You can tell by her interview that she is not happy at all about what went down. We then see a bunch of news headlines saying another scandal with Ashley’s husband and there’s even a picture of Michael in his boxers in a hotel room. 

Next episode we see that Ashley tells the ladies more about her and Michael’s relationship. She also sits down and has dinner with Michael to talk about what’s going on. AND it looks like Monique and Candiaces issues come to a head and there’s a physical altercation. This is getting soooo juicy, next week can’t come soon enough!!


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