Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Season 10 | Reunion Part 3

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We’re back with this shit show that is RHOBH! The ladies immediately continue going after Denise, surprise surprise. Kyle tries to plead that all she wants is honesty but Denise claims that she’s being honest and it’s clearly not good enough for them. They seriously just need to drop it already. 

We then dive into Erika’s life and see her journey going to Broadway and a glimpse into her relationship with her husband. She also reveals that her husband was never able to see her Broadway show, how sad! He should’ve been out there right away. Erika also says a huge thank you to the ladies that flew out there and saw her show and supported her since it was long after the show was done filming. 

Teddi tries to call Denise and Garcelle out for not showing up and supporting Erika when the cameras aren’t there. Denise claims that she didn’t get told about it until the night before and Andy replies that he actually thought it was because it was during the time she was suing them. Andy is the besttttt. Garcelle says she didn’t go because she’s scared of small planes, which is such a lame excuse. She tries to continue saying she also had work and her kids but it definitely seems like she could have gotten out of those things to attend the show if she really wanted to. 

How does Aaron get a whole question segment about him? I’m so over this looney bin, he’s not a housewife. Just watching these clips back makes me cringe. Andy asks the blatant question- why hasn’t Aaron apologized to the women if he supposedly likes them, and all Denise says is that he hasn’t seen the women so he hasn’t had the opportunity. That is such bull. We all know he doesn’t like them. Then they replay when Aaron threatened to crush Denise’s hand as they were running out of Kyle’s party. She doesn’t even have an excuse for him and all of the women express their concern for her and her relationship. You can tell that kind of strikes a nerve with her too. 

We finally get a clip of the fashions throughout the season. I totally forgot about the time three of the ladies wore a pink blazer dress to Erika’s house, too funny. They really are the most stylish housewives, I’ll give them that. 

Now we’re going down memory lane of Denise and Rinna’s friendship. It really makes you realize how aggressive Rinna has been towards Denise the entire season. Her fake crying scene in the hotel lobby is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. Andy acknowledges that both women have said the other has changed so much and then asks Denise how has Rinna changed? Denise stays silent and then says she thinks she needs to eat something before she answers that question and then just walks away…. Uhhhhhhh ok? She then peeks around to the camera and says she’s done and has to work tomorrow. Eventually she reluctantly sits back down and says that Rinna has turned on her. Andy asks Rinna what was the turning point where she felt Denise wasn’t being honest, and Rinna says when she saw the text messages between Denise and Brandi she couldn’t believe her. Denise says why would she have confronted Brandi and said anything to her because she wasn’t a cast member and didn’t feel she knew her well enough. I kind of agree with that. Brandi isn’t a cast member, how is she still having a major storyline? 

Andy brings up the time when Rinna texted him saying that Denise would be perfect for the show, and asking him to bring her on and Denise then asks what’s changed? Rinna doesn’t have a response for it. It almost seems like Rinna brought Denise on the show because she would be the closest to her and would know how to get to her and therefore be able to make herself more relevant on the show. I’m starting to wonder if that’s what it is and that Rinna will do anything for a buck. It’s actually really sad seeing this 20 year friendship fall apart and the animosity they have towards one another. Denise gets teary eyed and Rinna just sits there like a cold hearted biatch.

And we have officially wrapped season 10. I have a few thoughts on the season I need to put out there. I cannot stand how the past two seasons have revolved around one issue that the women completely blow out of proportion. Also, I wished Denise was coming back, I think there’s more to her that we didn’t get because she shut down when all the ladies started coming for her. I also think Rinna and Teddi need to be axed. I think Rinna makes drama out of nothing just so she can try to stay relevant, and Teddi doesn’t bring anything to the show. Like seriously nothing! Now that her business has been exposed within the past 24 hours I think she is officially my least favorite housewife. Let’s give Sutton a diamond and bring in one other newbie and see what happens. Oh, and let’s not bring Brandi back again, I’m tired of the petty drama. 

Until next season!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TV Show Recaps

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