Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 12 | Reunion Part 2

Part 2, let’s go!! We pick up right where we left off with Tinsley and Dorinda going at it. Ramona, naturally, asserts herself into the conversation claiming Dorinda hasn’t been transparent enough on the show and she didn’t share anything in regards to her breakup with John. Instead of answering the question though, Dorinda deflects back to Tinsley not being upfront on camera about being with Scott.

I gotta give Tinsley some credit though – she really is holding her own against Dorinda here. Dorinda keeps adding more jabs to Tinsley and Scott’s relationship, saying she would never want to be in a relationship where she’s completely dependent on man. You don’t have to agree with Tinsley and Scott’s relationship, but I just don’t think all these low blows are necessary anymore. Tinsley is engaged and living in Chicago now, why can’t Dorinda just let bygones be bygones and be happy for her? This is the mean side of Dorinda I don’t like.

The fourth wall is DEFINITELY being brought down now. Somehow Bethany’s name gets involved in this conversation and we learn that Bethany quit the show the day before season 12 started filming and Andy seemingly comes to Tinsley’s defense by telling Dorinda that him, Bravo and the executive producers all knew Tinsley was going to be leaving the show mid-season and they all approved it, to Dorinda’s dismay.

As Tinsley makes her exit to go live her happily ever after in Chicago, we get a summary of the Countess this season. All the women as a whole agree Lu is more centered, approachable and down to earth now which I can agree with.

I love seeing a montage of all the women hitting on several men throughout the season, and then Ramona and Leah’s issues throughout the season. Ramona definitely holds Leah to a higher standard than say Sonja, and I love that Leah calls Ramona out for so carelessly throwing out the fact that Leah was supposedly bipolar on the show behind her back. The fact that Ramona is still doubling down on the fact that she brought up Leah’s mental health behind her back is just baffling. Seriously can’t stand Ramona and I hope to everything she does not come back next season.

Next week we wrap up season 12, can’t wait!


Real Housewives of New York City

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