Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 8

Based on the previews this episode is about to be jam packed with drama! Here we go…

We start this episode with Candiace in the recording studio, I had no idea this was a thing before. Apparently she sang the song for Chris at their wedding and now she’s redoing it. Interesting. Chris is there during her recording and they chat afterwards and Candiace reveals that she is done with Monique, we’ll see how this goes. *Drag me, Monique* is playing over and over in my head. 

Ashley and Michael are out to dinner, awkward already. She says in her interview that Monique and Robyn sent her the article with the picture of Michael in his boxers in a hotel room. She says when she got it she called Michael and told him to get his ass home which he immediately did. Apparently Michael was at the strip club with his friends, some girls are hanging around them, they go to MGM with the girls afterwards (a casino I think), and the girl that was all over him asks Michael if he wanted to go back to a hotel. Michael obviously goes, he says they kissed in the cab but he was so drunk he passed out in the hotel room. The next morning he got up and the girl was next to him and when he got out of bed she snapped that picture. This sounds very fishy to me. 

THEN, Ashley divulges that she used to like a girl and would have fun with the girl and that her and Michael have always done that together. She then tells Michael that she doesn’t want to do that anymore and that if she finds out anything else she’ll leave. WOAH. This is the revelation we have been waiting for from this marriage! So they used to have threesomes is what I took away from the convo and Michael thought it was ok to be flirty with other people but Ashley has changed her mind and wants to be 100% exclusive now. Ashley also asks him about him telling people that he has a wife and a boyfriend to which he denies ever saying. 

Michael gets agitated with the conversation and asks for them to cut now. He says he’s given enough and doesn’t want to talk about it on camera anymore. The producer thanks them for being open and honest and Ashley is just like ‘well this is our real lives”. I almost feel like there’s a weight lifted off her shoulders now that everything is out there. I know that I couldn’t be in a relationship like that and I really hope that Michael can keep it in his pants now. Can’t wait to see what else we learn about this relationship and how the ladies react. 

Monique is trying to have a live podcast event in three weeks and she only has 20 tickets sold so far… not looking good. I understand she had to take some time off for the new baby so it has to be a struggle to get the momentum back. I have faith in her to get it done. Turns out that Candiace was supposed to be a part of the live podcast but Candiace dropped out. 

Gizelle is looking for furniture for her house and self-proclaims that she has great style. She is probably the only one that thinks that but at least she’s confident. Robyn joins her and says that it was actually an accident that she sent the article to Ashley. Thankfully, I don’t think Ashley cares and was actually appreciative she sent it to her. 

Now we’re with Wendy who has taken her son to karate class with her husband. They’re sitting and talking while her son is practicing and she expresses that she’s not happy being a professor and is struggling to figure out what’s next in her career. I didn’t see that coming from her, she’s always talking about her career, I just assumed she was all about it. 

Robyn goes over to her parents house and breaks the news that her and Juan want to get a house and therefore want to also get married. Her dad is definitely a little hesitant but her mom is happy for her. Her parents are so cute and her dad tells her he doesn’t have any money for wedding presents, what a guy.

The ladies are all arriving to a wine tasting that Gizelle set up to celebrate her literary award. Ashley says something weird about how she might be pregnant so only wants to have one tasting glass. She reveals that there is truth to the tabloid that came out about Michael and the ladies are in shock. She tells the ladies the entire story that we heard earlier at their dinner. The ladies start to question whether she believes he didn’t sleep with the stripper or not and she says she does believe him. Monique gives more insight saying that the article has been posted for about seven hours before she sent it to Ashley and before Michael said anything to Ashley about it. So therefore, maybe Michael only told Ashley what happened because he knew it was already out and he wasn’t going to have a choice. 

Ashley then goes on to say that her relationship has its own “identity” and that they have had threesomes before. Karen asks her if her marriage is monogamous and if she wants it to be, to which Ashley replies yes, it’s monogamous. Someone else asks her what she would do if this happens again, and Ashley says she would leave Michael. That’s good to know.

Somehow Monique and Candiace start getting in an argument. Candiace says that Monique was pretending to be asleep when she was saying goodbye at the lake house, Monique denies she was pretending. Candiace becomes this extremely immature person that cannot have a conversation and keeps twirling around with weird noises coming out of her mouth. The last scene is Monique getting up in Candiace’s face and grabbing her hair from what I can tell. I cannot WAIT to watch this go down next week, how dare Bravo give us such a tease!!!


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