Real Housewives of NYC Recap

Season 12 | Reunion Part 3

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We’re at our last reunion episode and last episode with Dorinda. I can’t believe it, I don’t think I’m ready to see her leave!

Round three here we go. The first scene we get is Ramona’s many fake “sorry’s” throughout the season. And then Sonja’s obsessive dick talk, I cant get enough of it, she’s hilarious. Then we see Luann being the responsible one taking care of everyone. We then get inundated with Dorinda’s many phrases including “here’s the thing” and “can you imagine.” Lastly, apparently Leah has been smelling things all season, I didn’t notice that.

We get a preview of Ramona talking about all of her girlfriends, nobody has that many true friends. I love how Sonja always call her out about her fake friends which I LIVE for. Ramona continues to swear that all those women are her real friends and she’s every single one of them many times since… even during Covid. Leah brings up that Ramona’s Gucci bag that she wears is fake, I’m really intrigued and I need someone to investigate this. They show the bag from an episode, I wonder if production also noticed it was fake? Who did this?? Apparently all of these “friends” of Ramona’s pitched in $100 to gift her that bag from her birthday party.

They bring up Ramona telling Sonja that she needs to lose a few pounds and Sonja was clearly hurt by the comment. She says that she cried from embarrassment of how she looked and Ramona’s comment just caused her to eat even more. Ramona continues to have zero awareness about how hurtful her comment was. Pretty messed up, I definitely wouldn’t appreciate anyone commenting on my weight in a negative away. Just tell me I’m beautiful always please!

We get a glimpse back into Sonja’s fashion show and that chaos that ensued. Sonja clothing line got picked up by Century 21, but now I’m pretty sure Century 21 just declared bankruptcy so I wonder how that’s going. She once again says how she wasn’t getting laid and now she’s ready to get back in the game, you go Sonja!

As we look back at Dorinda this season and how emotional she was at the start, it’s no surprise how her anger came out later in the season. She was trying to be open and vulnerable in the beginning of the season but you can tell things took a turn for the worse as time went on. She has so many outbursts this season. As Andy is talking to her, she admits that she should’ve reached out for help and that she was the most overwhelmed than she’s ever been. She also admits that she projected her feelings which makes me very happy to hear that she’s taking some accountability. She calls out Ramona and says that she needed her to pull her aside during the season and talk one on one rather than Ramona always calling her out in front of other people. Ramona tries to get her side of the story out and Dorinda is not having it at all. Ramona also brings out their old texts to show how she was there for her but Dorinda shuts it down right away. It seems like Dorinda is so hurt by Ramona and acknowledges that it was Sonja and Leah who were really there for her.

Leah proclaims that she doesn’t think Dorinda hits below the belt and women flip. I honestly don’t know how she could honestly say that. She listens to the ladies and then concludes that yeah, maybe Dorinda does hit below the belt sometimes. Dorinda then admits that she probably should have taken the season off because she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This has me hoping that maybe she’s not returning next season just so she can take one off and then she’ll be back after! I really hope so, I need to see how this all works out and who her new man is. Eventually Dorinda and Ramona make up and decide they want to work on their friendship and move forward because they love each other.

As we wind down the reunion. Andy asks the ladies about which moment the ladies want to socially distance from and which housewife they can’t wait to hug. Thankfully Ramona says she would take back the comment about the comment she made about Leah’s fake mental illness. Sonja has a beautiful message to Dorinda and how she appreciated Dorinda being open to her with her issues because it made her feel like she wasn’t alone while she was going through her own stuff.

I seriously cannot believe that this might have been the last time we see Dorinda as a housewife on our screens. I am not well. I feel like there needs to be a whole episode of all the greatness and one liners Dorinda gave us, I don’t think I even realize how much! No more crazy Berkshire moments?? How will we go on?! She will truly go down in housewife history as one of the greatest (at least in my opinion).

Now what do I do now that NYC is over…….


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