Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 10

As we start this episode, we get a little recap of Monique and Candiace’s relationship since they met. It’s really sad to see how well they got along in the beginning and how things changed so much. 

Candiace seems really upset about the whole situation and is trying to deal with what happened. Monique is a little more laid back about the situation and calls Karen to ask her to host all the ladies, except Candiace of course, so she can speak her peace. 

Karen is hosting the ladies get together and Gizelle shows up with a bodyguard. A little dramatic much? Nobody is coming for her. Before Monique shows up the ladies talk about this article that was released that basically portrays Monique in a good light and Candiace as the aggressor. I definitely agree that Monique and her team released that article, it’s clearly not true. Wendy brings up a really great point that she’s tired of black women being seen as angry and violent and this situation is perpetuating that stigma. I would be pissed too. 

While the ladies are together at Karen’s, Candiace goes and sees her therapist. You can tell how hurtful the situation is to her by how she’s speaking about it. 

Monique finally arrives at Karen’s where the ladies are waiting for her. The ladies do not look happy at alllllll. Monique starts to talk and gets emotional, she says she’s embarrassed and ashamed of herself. I wasn’t expecting her to say that, it seems like it’s starting off on a good foot. She’s saying that she blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened but then we cut to the footage right after it happened and she’s explaining to the producer exactly what happened and what she did. I could see how maybe it was super overwhelming and she was running on adrenaline so she could have blocked it out, but it seems a little bit like she’s making excuses. 

Robyn, being the AMAZING human that she is, stops Monique and says “You almost had me, that is 100% a lie.” Yessss girl, this is the truth and confrontation that we need to see in the housewives! Robyn completely calls her out on the facts, says that Candiace was drinking white wine and Monique had red wine on her face from the velocity of the table being moved when she grabbed Candiace. Wendy also speaks up and says Monique is trying to justify her actions and is portraying black women in a negative light. Monique has nothing to say back because the women are right. 

We cut to Candiace at her therapy session where she is completely emotional. It’s clear that production wants and believes that Candiace is a victim, which I agree that Monique is completely in the wrong. I just feel like this is different, usually production tries to stay neutral and really shows each person’s side, but in this situation they are clearly showing Candiace as innocent and Monique as guilty. I guess production draws the line at physical contact/violence, good! 

We’re back to the ladies at Karen’s. Gizelle now speaks up and brings up all the previous times that Monique has threatened violence to her or someone in the group and says that her daughters told her to no longer be around MOnique because of what she did. Monique’s response is unbelievable! She becomes extremely condescending, hard headed, and just rude. She’s acting as if this is no big deal now that she is offended by what Gizelle said. Robyn, once again being the hero that she is, interrupts and calls Monique out for how she’s acting and even calls Karen out for allowing this behavior in her home. Robyn = MVP. Karen says that Monique is her friend and she can’t control what she does or says but that she completed f***** up in this situation. 

Monique says that she’s going to talk to her pastor and that she is not the person who attacks someone else. Wendy, Gizelle, and Robyn call complete bullshit and say she’s not remorseful. Monique responds that she isn’t remorseful for what she did, she’s embarrassed. Wendy, being the doctor that she is, explains that being embarrassed is a selfish reaction, not being remorseful means that she wouldn’t actually take back what she did. I completely agree with what Wendy is saying, the fact that Monique is not remorseful about what she did is mind blowing to me. Gizelle pipes in with her long awaited speech about not wanting to be anywhere near Monique, and she just responds “that’s fine, that’s fine you can leave.” Then Gizelle says in her interview that her and Jamal have an image to protect….. Girl everyone knows about you two, there is no image to protect, come on now. 

Monique continues to explain that she doesn’t know what she’s feeling and she needs time to figure it out. She breaks down (finally) and says that this is her reality and she never wants to get to the place of blacking out from anger again and that she doesn’t know if she should be a part of this anymore. The conversation wraps up and Robyn and Wendy are left sitting there, they both agree they don’t buy the show that Monique is putting on. Usually I find Ashley to be very rational but she is totally siding with Monique saying that everyone makes mistakes and they should support her on this journey of finding peace. Part of me thinks that she is kind of happy that someone finally gave Candiace what she had coming to her. 

The preview of the rest of the season continues to look insane, is there another fight?! I can’t wait to see this unfold!


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