Munich, Germany

What an amazing city Munich is! I was fortunate enough to spend five days in Munich in June 2012, and what a blast I had. The first thing I have to mention is Munich is hands down the cleanest city I’ve ever been to. Not once did I see one piece of trash anywhere I went, even at the Uban (train) station. And if there’s no trash at a train station that’s saying a lot.

Full disclosure, unfortunately I don’t have hardly any exact restaurant or beer garden names from when I was there, which I’m still kicking myself for not writing any down. But man is the food and beer incredible here. ESPECIALLY if you’re a beer lover, you will love this city. But, besides visiting every beer garden I could get my hands on, here are a few things I loved exploring during my time in Munich:


The Marienplatz in Munich is the city’s main square, equipped with gorgeous, centuries-old buildings and several shops and restaurants. In my opinion, the Marienplatz is a must-see while in Munich, and you’ll really appreciate the ancient feel of the buildings; something you just don’t get here in the States. Also, side note, I hear the Marienplatz opens a huge Christmas market around Christmastime where they sell purely Christmas items, drinks and food. Need to come back to Munich in December one day!

English Garden

The English Garden in Munich is just stunning, and one of the biggest urban parks in the world. I went on a run one day through the English Garden (or the Englische Garten, as the locals say), and to this day was one of the most enjoyable and beautiful runs I’ve ever been on. Throughout the park you’ll see endless fields of green grass, bike paths, walkways, a Japanese teahouse and garden, beer gardens (of course) and even surfing! Yes, you read that correctly – you can surf on the Eisbach, a small man-made river that flows right through the English Garden. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Surfers in the English Garden

Hofbräuhaus München

One restaurants I of course remember while I was in Munich was the legendary Hofbräuhaus! This beer hall was SO fun to eat and drink at, and was an experience in itself. Here you’ll get some traditional Bavarian food, like Brezn (soft pretzel), Obatzda (cheese dip), and, of course, Bratwurst! Singing, performers and unusually large beers are also part of the Hofbräuhaus München experience, a place you won’t soon forget (unless you drink too many of their beers).


While in Munich one day we all headed to Olympiapark(Olympia Park) to catch a Germany vs. Portugal soccer game and it was SO much fun. Germany was actually playing in Portugal so everyone there watched the game on a giant screen in the middle of the field, which was still a blast. I obviously came decked out in Germany gear and had the best time cheering on the German soccer team with my friends who I was on the trip with. I learned that Olympiapark was built when Munich hosted the Summer Olympics in 1972, and still was in great condition when I visited over 8 years ago. Olympiapark is beautiful and still holds several games and different social and cultural events ever year.

Overall I found Munich to be so rich in culture and had the most incredible time while I was there. I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of things to see or do but wanted to share my limited experience. I hope to go back one day when Europe allows Americans back in their country (please let us back!)and keep exploring this awesome city.

Hope you enjoyed! Can’t WAIT until we can all travel again!



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