Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Season 5 | Episode 11

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We start this episode off with Karen inviting Ashley to go to her hometown as she’s been invited to her high school homecoming. As Gizelle, Ashley, and Karen are getting into the car to leave Karen’s home and head to her hometown, Karen goes for a kiss to Greg and is left hanging, uhhhh awkward! 

Robyn goes over to Candiace’s house, it’s the first time we’ve seen Candiace film with anyone since the throw down. Robyn gives her the lowdown on what happened at Karen’s house when Monique came over and expressed that she had zero remorse for her actions. This causes Candiace to get emotional and say that she’s been considering pressing charges. Candiace drops the topic and then turns the topic to Robyn’s tax issues, apparently she owes like $90,000 in federal taxes. Robyn admits that she was doing their taxes herself and that she’s just a bad accountant and messed up. I mean, if I were to do my own taxes I think I would end up in the same situation so I can’t blame her for trying, but she clearly shouldn’t have been doing them herself. 

Karen, Gizelle, and Ashley make it to Karen’s hometown and her family welcomes them with open arms. They all seem so sweet and it’s nice to see Karen’s family and childhood pictures of her, she usually doesn’t open this much but this season she is a changed woman! Monique calls Ashley while the three of them are standing there and Monique continues to play victim. Gizelle thinks that Monique is just a liar and doesn’t deserve any grace and says she would have pressed charges that night if she was Candiace. Karen also says that she told Candiace she should be looking into what she can do legally. Girl! How is Karen playing both sides?! She can’t say that she has Moniques back and understands both of their sides and then tell Candiace she should be exploring her legal options! WTF!

Wendy is out with her sister who is also successful and is a surgeon. Wendy expresses her desire to leave her job as a professor and focus on political commentary but she’s concerned that her mom isn’t going to approve of her choice. She seems really conflicted but she’s clearly not happy in her current state. I think she should try out the commentary route, see if that’s going to fulfill her, I’m assuming she can always go back to being a professor if she needs to. 

Then out of the blue we’re at a bar with Juan and “Tatyana” as Robyn is role playing. I feel extremely uncomfortable watching this. Juan can’t stop laughing and I can’t stop cringing. Then they bring up their tax issues, which pretty much defeats the purpose of role playing but ok. 

We’re back home with Karen who is participating in this parade, she gets to ride on the back of a convertible and go down the street throwing candy to the “crowd.” Not sure what’s going on here at all. Ashley and Gizelle are standing and watching the parade, they get on the conversation of relationships and Ashley expresses how she understands divorces happen because people change and when you’re with someone in a different demographic they have different needs. Ray is a little older than Karen so perhaps that’s what they’re going through right now. 

Candiace is now at an animal shelter with her mom and says she wants a dog with her husband and it’ll be a good test to see if she’s ready for a child. They get on the subject of her and Monique’s fight and her mom is pissed about it, as she should be. Her mom says that she needs to call an attorney, it’s only a matter of time now before Candiace seeks legal action. 

Karen takes Ashley and Gizelle to the church she grew up in. She starts talking about her parents and how hard it was to lose both of them within seven months of each other. The church clearly reminds her of them so much and she has to walk away because she’s getting so emotional. 

We’re seeing Monique for the first time this episode. I feel like production is really keeping things separate, like we saw way more of Candiace this episode but last episode was all about Monique. Monique meets with her pastor and explains she explains what happened with Candiace. The pastor tells her that she’s been in survival mode and has been a fighter her whole life, she endured bullying as a kid, and then constantly had to prove herself to Chris. He also says that Candiace is a mirror reflection of who she is and she needs to be honest with what’s going on in her heart. Monique gets very emotional and says that she’s tired of constantly having to prove herself and she finally admits that her anger really had nothing to do with Candiace and that she didn’t deserve what happened. She comes to the conclusion that she needs to sit down and talk to Candiace and apologize. 

We get a glimpse into the next episode where Wendy throws a Nigerian party for her baby daughter and Candiace is prosecuting Monique with assault. I cannot wait to see how this plays out! 


Real Housewives of Potomac TV Show Recaps

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