Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 5 | Episode 12

This week we start with getting more of Wendy and her family, which I love. Her and her husband are planning a Sip and See, a traditional Nigerian ceremony in which they present their new baby to their family and friends, equipped with Nigerian cuisine and fashion. Sadly Wendy’s husband’s family had issues with him marrying Wendy so they still aren’t in the picture or in their grandkids lives which is so sad.

Ashley and Michael start going to couples therapy, where she admits to their therapist Michael had an “indiscretion” (which is kind to say the least), and although they did things with other people in the past, she no longer wants any part of that as she’s changed as a person. At the end of their session the therapist gives them advice to really work on their communication – especially when Michael is feeling insecure. Maybe I’m biased but I think Michael has A LOT to prove to Ashley if she’s going to stay in this marriage.

Next Karen and Ray are on a little stroll through their neighborhood when Karen straight up asks Ray if he feels intimidated by the fact that she’s now a public figure and business woman – which I love the fact that she’s talking about being on a reality show while on a reality show. Ray casually tells her that he does think some of her fame and fortune has completely gone to her head, which she disagrees. Karen explains that while she’s proud, yes, but not to the point where she’ll ever forget little ol’ Sully, VA her hometown. I really respect the fact that Karen and Ray are really laying it all out there for the cameras – I feel like this convo between other housewives and their husbands on other franchises had to take place, but everyone else is too fake to actually show it on camera. Number #8456789038 why I love Potomac so much.

So then we learn that Candiace is going to press criminal charges against Monique. Ok, I totally disagree with Monique blatantly going after Candiace in a physical way, but seriously? At the end of it all she was not physically hurt in the slightest and I would think at least a conversation with Monique should take place first since the two of y’all were good friends in the past?

Anytime we get to see Robyn with her family in any way brings me pure joy. Robyn is so freaking funny and again, I appreciate the honesty of the women on this franchise. It can’t be easy to reveal all of your financial/tax problems that she’s been having (and has had over the years), but she’s an open book which I definitely appreciate.

Candiace then admits to her college friend while out at dinner she told the Montgomery court house she wants Monique’s assault to be prosecuted to the fullest extent, which is blowing my mind. Come on, Candiace. Wendy gets notified of Candiace’s accusation on her way to the Sip and See, and it’s the same with the other women. (Side note – I love that Robyn has the same pink blazer dress on that Rinna and Erika wore earlier this year on RHOBV. You gotta love when housewives collide!)

The Sip and See seems to go smoothly, with Wendy giving sweet tributes to her mother and sister; two women she would love her daughter to take after. The party continues with Nigerian food, music and dancing and looks really fun TBH. Gizelle confronts Candiace about her little court meeting earlier, where things get ugly fast. Ashley tries to say that they both were in a screaming match when Monique reacted – and while I can understand where Ashley was coming from, she was in the bathroom when this all went down. Candiace instantly goes for the low blow though, claiming Monique is probably paying Ashley to be her “mouth piece” and that she probably won’t be married “for long”. Ouch. I do appreciate Chris, Candiace’s husband, literally telling her to shut up and stop talking which he’s right in this moment. This seemingly calms Candiace down, and things don’t get much more heated after this. We’re left (again) wanting more for next week, and I really can’t wait to see how this season unfolds.

See y’all next week!


Real Housewives of Potomac

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