Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Season 15 | Episode 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Episode two here we come!! We start this episode with Kelly packing up since she’s moving into Shannon’s neighborhood. We get this great compilation of all of Shannon’s and Kelly’s fights and it makes me realize that they really are both insane. 

Braunwyn is out to dinner with her husband for valentines day. She gets emotional as she talks about her sobriety and is scared of failing and thinks she’ll lose some friends who just keep her around because she’s a fun time. She says for the last 25 years she’s either been pregnant, breastfeeding, or drunk which is crazy to me. 

Shannon is working on a new brand that’s almost ready to be launched. We dont hear what the product actually is which I would love to know. She says she’s financing the project completely on her own and with all the money she’s received from the divorce. I hope it works for her, her daughters need this. 

Emily and Gina are out to lunch and it gets brought up that Braunwyn has said negative things about Gina’s living situation to multiple people. They do some shots and I have this feeling like they’re trying to be the new tres amigas. They end up talking a bunch of shit about Braunwyn and her husband and end up calling her. Emily puts Gina on the phone and Gina confronts Braunwyn about talking bad about her and Braunwyn totally owns it and says that Gina knows why she’s talking shit about her and that she wants to have this conversation in person. Braunwyn also says that Gina said some not so nice things about her husband which is why she’s throwing it back at her. Braunwyn ends up hanging up on her and Gina insists they call back. Gina goes on to say in her confessional that after Vicki’s tea party birthday they all went out and continued drinking. Sean showed up and helped Gina get an uber home. He then TEXTED her inappropriately (in my book) saying that he got Braunwyn home, wished Gina a good night, and said it was great to spend some time with her. I’m sorry but that is not ok and it is creepy. 

Braunwyn meets up with Elizabeth to look for outfits for Emily’s daughters birthday that weekend. Elizabeth brings up her alcoholic father and how he died from system failure due to his drinking and how her ex husband was a jerk and didn’t let her use their private jet to get to Washington to see him. Really messed up. Obviously this really bothers Braunwyn who has just come to terms that she thinks she’s an alcoholic and has only been sober for two weeks. We see Braunwyn then go home and lay in bed, clearly very upset. She talks with her husband as she’s sobbing and says she thought she would be stronger than this but she wants to drink so badly. 

Then we see her ready to go hang out with Shannon and she says to her daughter that her mom actually called Tamra and told her that Braunwyn is an alcoholic and trying to stay sober. That is soooo messed up. She picks up Shannon and brings up the fact that her mom called Tamra and spoke about her, Shannon doesn’t seem to know about the conversation, I mean for once did Tamra keep her mouth closed?! Braunwyn continues to tell Shannon that she’s not drinking because she’s on a cleanse, in Shannon’s confessional she says that she believes Braunwyn is pregnant once again. Braunwyn then admits to Shannon that she thinks she’s an alcoholic and can no longer drink. She says that when she starts drinking she can’t stop, like she’ll wake up and drink in the morning. Shannon is clearly shocked. It also comes out that her mom was blackmailing her by threatening to tell everyone that Braunwyn is an alcoholic, that is so messed up I can’t even believe it. 

In Shannon’s confessional she says that she had no idea that Braunwyn was an alcoholic but looking back she’s not surprised. Shannon is actually extremely supportive and understanding to Braunwyn, this is the version of Shannon that we all like. 

It’s time for Annabelle’s birthday party (Emily’s daughter). Braunwyn arrives to Emily’s and Emily confronts her about talking about Gina and Braunwyn says that Shannon is also talking about Emily’s condo and that Shannon is the only one who’s actually been to the condo so where do you think she heard it from. I find this very bizarre that Braunwyn would throw Shannon under the bus like that given that Shannon is so supportive of her sobriety, I definitely don’t think it’s the right thing to do. She should’ve just taken the fall and owned up to what she said, there was no reason to bring Shannon into it. 

Of course when Gina arrives at Emily’s she tells Gina that Shannon has also been talking about her place and called it “sad and depressing.” Apparently Gina gets no money at all from her ex, including child support, and bought her condo all on her own. I think she deserves some credit then, to pick yourself up from the terrible past couple of years she’s had with no support from her ex is great, I just still can’t get behind the hair. 

The preview for the next episode and season actually doesn’t look too bad. Gina and Braunwyn have it out at a party where Braunwyn runs away and Shannon rightfully goes off on Braunwyn for putting words in her mouth. Can’t wait to see it! 


Real Housewives of Orange County TV Show Recaps

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